7 Things about C#: Introduction


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This is the beginning of a new series of posts specially for new developers or those who are new to C#. I call it “7 Things about C#” where each article takes one feature of the C# programming language and discusses 7 things about that feature. I’ll start out at the basics of the language and let the series grow organically after that. I think it will be fun and hope it helps as many people as possible.

If you’re totally new to programming, try out my previous article, A Beginner’s Overview of Software Development. Here’s the TOC, which I’ll update for each article in the series.

  1. The Platform
  2. Running Apps
  3. Console I/O
  4. If Statements
  5. Loops
  6. Types
  7. Operators
  8. Coming Soon >> Switch Statements



Joe Mayo
Seven Things about C#

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