1st Hackday at SEVEN SENDERS

In march, we conducted our first hackday at SEVEN SENDERS.

30 hackers from engineering, product management, product design, marketing, business intelligence collaborated in small teams for one day away from work.

The goal was to explore interesting ideas that might be beneficial for us in form of a software prototype and demo them at the end of the day.

And of course — have fun:

The hacks ranged from new feature prototypes, applications of current technologies like machine learning and chat bots to internal tools for our teams.

While some hacks have been immediately put to daily use, others have sparked new ideas and focus for exploration. Some have even found a place on the product roadmap.

Due to the great success, we are looking forward to run the next hackday later this year and will establish it as a recurring event.

Want to be part of the next hackday ?

Join us — we are always looking for great talent !