Of Women, By Women, For Women

Michelle Goldchain is launching a newsletter devoted to the women who keep this city moving.

You — a discerning reader, a savvy cultural consumer — you love a good newsletter. You look for artsy updates from heavy hitters like the Pink Line Project and A Creative DC, or mind your own (homegrown) business with Think Local First, or dig up oddball history like a Scavenger. Not to mention you have us, your pesky neighbor, popping up over the fence to give you the scoop and pester you to go to that thing with us.

But maybe you need more. Maybe you need a fresh, bimonthly newsletter devoted to bringing you stories of the women who make this city tick.

In that case, we proudly introduce you to Capital Women, our sponsor for this week. It’s a brand new newsletter dedicated at local women making big changes, featuring an advice column, interviews with local business owners, artists, and community leaders, and insight into local news and events (hey, wait a minute…!).

Capital Women founder Michelle Goldchain

So what sets Capital Women apart? We emailed founder Michelle Goldchain to hear about the background of the project, and a better idea of what readers can look forward to finding in their inboxes.

The website launches September 1 and the first newsletter goes out September 4. Issues publish on the first and third Mondays of every month — subscribe here!

So what can readers expect from Capital Women?

Readers can expect positive, locally focused news, events, and advice that should appeal to women of all kinds in the District.

For the first issue, expect to learn about a DC lawyer who ditched her career to pursue her passion for fashion, a new coworking space for feminist entrepreneurs, and events like a reading with a Pulitzer Prize-winning Poet Laureate and a discussion hosted by the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

Besides news and events, a variety of women in Washington, DC will be celebrated through a Q&A. There will also be a professional advice column that will answer some pretty tough questions women have to face in life.

What in your experience pushed you to take this particular focus on location and gender?

In my life, I have met so many women who give back to their community in some way, by writing about them, taking photos of them, or featuring them in some way. I have also continued to meet women who feel disconnected to Washington, DC.

Despite nearly 53% of new DC residents being women, they are still underrepresented in a variety of fields, such as tech and, of course, politics.

With Capital Women, I hope to celebrate the achievements of local women, enlighten others with uplifting news and events, and offer a space that will help locals feel like they’re a part of a bigger community.

In the end, women need to stick together, and with Capital Women, they can do that by staying aware, which is one of the first steps to progress.

What kinds of women can we hope to hear from?

All kinds! In the end, there is no one type of woman who singularly represents the District or its residents, so this new newsletter will reach out to and feature a variety of women from all races, ages, sexualities, and professions.

Over the coming months, some of the women who will be featured in Q&As include a rapper, a founder of an urban farm, a founder of a Beyoncé-themed dance class, and a Georgetown businesswoman who focuses on creating the perfect handbag.

What made you decide on the newsletter format (as opposed to, say, a blog)?

I want people to know that they have more resources than just one. If I link to different publications, hopefully that will excite others by letting them know that there are myriad blogs, etc. worth exploring for more news about their home.

Newsletters are also pretty new to me, so I wanted to challenge myself to learn something different.

Favorite place to do off-the-clock writing in DC?

Columbia Heights’ The Coupe is pretty great. They’ve got tons of seating, a menu chocked to the brim with delicious food and appetizers, and their chai is the bomb.

Dream interview subject?

Michelle Obama. She’s so beautiful.

Most importantly…Pizza Rat or Pizza Squirrel

Gotta stay local. Pizza Squirrel has got it going on. I also like its fluffy tail.