How to Pitch 730DC

Lily Strelich
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2 min readFeb 7, 2018


Pitch us your stories so we can hand over the mic.

We’re always looking for new stories that help readers connect to their city. We want to boost diverse voices on local politics, culture, community, and civic engagement — if it’s something we would blurb in the newsletter, it’s something we would publish.

what we’re looking for

Give us your essays, interviews, reviews, reported pieces, your multimedia mockumentaries yearning to breathe free. Below are some examples of what we dig.

Reported pieces

· A look into campaign finance in the DC primary

· New school enrollment forms and what they say about the District’s approach to gender identity (which was picked up by the Washington Post)

Profiles and interviews

· From musicians and artists to matchmakers and politicians — if someone makes this city feel like home, we want to hear from them

· The story behind interesting events like DC’s really (really) free store

Op-eds and personal essays

…that offer perspective into city life. This means everything from the case for decriminalizing sex work to reflections on gentrification in Shaw and DC’s dangerous drinking culture.

Other stuff(?)

We like it weird, too. We’re also home to hopelessly silly pieces like a power ranking of condo names, a better DC bucket list, and a rundown of the best places to have a panic attack downtown, ranked. If it’s honest, big-hearted, irreverent writing that celebrates local life…we’re looking for it.


Send your words to Hayden and Lily at with “pitch” in the subject line and pitches in the email body. Pitches should be short and sweet: break down the important point or argument, who the main characters are, and why it’s something 730 readers should know. Tell us why — why it matters, why now, why here. We deeply prefer receiving outlines to completed drafts, as we’d like a chance to give input on the direction before you get started.

Feel free to send multiple pitches in one email, and include a little about you. Link to published work if you have it (not a prerequisite!). We pay $75+ for Q+As, interviews, and reviews, and more for essays/reported pieces. Dive in.