Why we’re starting from scratch with The Economist’s new website

The first pages are already live. Here’s what we are changing

Via Boston City Archives

First things first

  1. Reading experience: a website that matches the quality of our journalism, so that our readers are engaged and want to come back to read more.
  2. Code quality: a high-quality codebase that is easy to understand, work on and maintain.
  3. Site performance: a high-performing site that works properly and loads quickly.
  4. Team culture: a squad with no bias towards “HIPPOs” — the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion. Everyone’s opinion is valued. There are no silly questions. We form part of a truly cross-functional team.

AMPing things up

A Google preview of an AMP page on economist.com

“Life is a series of building, testing, changing and iterating” — Lauren Mosenthal, product designer

What has changed?


Our wall of shame, featuring mistakes on the site never to be repeated



Banners completely obscuring the content on the old AMP page (left) and redesigned AMP page (right)




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Olivia Frost

Software Engineer at The Economist, Feminist and (mostly) plant-based (because pigs in blankets). Enjoys doing talks for humans and writing code for computers