My Derrie-Air

Your face is a throne fit for a Queen

Jupiter Grant
Sex and Satire
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1 min readMar 2, 2021


From the look that’s on your face

I can tell which way you’re leaning.

That you’re hungry for my ass,

and you’re longing for a queening.

You’re staring at my bottom

like it is a three-course dinner,

and you know I love to ride your face,

so your eyes are all a-glimmer

just knowing that I’m going to

descend upon your mouth.

Your nose will slip inside the crack

as my ass is heading south.

And then as I engulf you,

warm darkness will embrace

your mouth, your lips, your tongue, your nose,

your whole entire face.

The earthy scent of this delight

will be your only care

as you lay back, your face encased,

and inhale my derrie-air!

Jupiter Grant is a self-published author, blogger, narrator and audiobook producer.

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Jupiter Grant
Sex and Satire

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