10 things you can do for your bae that’s free in 2017

I can name like 10 things you can do for your bae that’s free. she’ll fall in love with the gesture. probably reward you with bomb head.

  1. make her a mix CD or like a playlist of songs that remind you of each other. so she can play it later when yall fuck.

2. pick some wild flowers and make a bouquet. the time it took you to do that is cuter than going to store and buying something generic.

3. wash her car for her before she wakes up and leave a note inside saying “now your car is as fresh as you”

4. give her like a 15 min back massage. a real back massage. being that relax will make you horny.

5. make a rap cover song video and send it to her randomly. make sure the lyrics are funny and pertain to your inside jokes.

6. print out a photo of sperm cells and fill in one of the sperm cells as her fav color. on the back put, “I think you’re one in a billion”

7. take a blanket and go outside. lay down. look at the stars or clouds. talk about nothing. slow dance to music blasting from your phone.

8. make a list of all the reasons why she’s the best and put the list in her purse. if she’s not the best, than you need a new gf.

9. try to do more than 10 mins of foreplay. some of you just wanna stick it in. doesn’t work like that.

10. do something nice for her parents. mow the lawn, clean the garage or even a simple phone call to see how they are doing means a lot.

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