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Lets be honest

Fucking up and around

“I will never have a relationship again” I said to myself. Or will I?

“I will never have a relationship again.” That's what I constantly…

Jammy on older women

Some truth’s about older women (Cougars, Milf’s)

Ok so the past few years the Milf phenomenon or older women has really got popular! More guys lusting after milfs and women older than them self’s. But also I have noticed that older women well at least a handful of them that aren’t looking for anything serious do wan’t to hook up with younger…

Jammy on flirting

Initial contact, and there after

Hi sorry it has been a bit longer than a week! Mad busy life of a musician you all understand. Any what I wan’t too…

In Deep Purple

A personal post on being a closeted, married, bisexual, and why I’m determined to come out.

Sex is Good

Shame and sex do not belong in the same conversation, let alone the same act. The sexual act is not merely healthy, it is glorious.

The Eyes That Stare

A woman’s letter to her Father reclaiming her own body.

Dear Father,

Welcome to Bell County: Chlamydia Capitol of Texas

By Alex Wukman

First published here

It’s no secret Bell County has a problem with sexually…

Gay Dating: What Grindr Taught Me About Being A Man

Even in the most unlikely of places, we are able to learn what it means to be truly authentic and loving human…

How to Talk About Your Sexual Past

Some guidelines that could help you have such a conversation with your spouse.

It may be a tough task trying to convince your spouse that you want to talk about each of your sexual pasts. But how you frame the invitation is important. If there is an obvious problem in your sex life, then it’s no secret for your spouse…


Basement Men’s room

One sunday morning i went to the basement men’s room.When i got there i saw that the basement was deserted, so i did not bother to close the door…

Fancy a caress?

Thanks to the confessions made by friends and acquaintances, I can conclude that the two most common questions that people think when they see me for the first time are:

Sex & Wheels
Sex & Wheels

Lets be honest

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