12 Sex Positions to Try This Christmas and Into the New Year

The holiday list for the naughty and nice.

Sex With T.S.
Dec 10, 2019 · 3 min read

he season of giving is here and I want you to give and receive with gusto this holiday season.

Keeping with the theme of 12 Days of Christmas I’m giving you 12 Sex Positions to Try This Christmas and Into the New Year, minus the silly song.

So once the presents are opened, family has been visited, and food has been eaten — it’s time for the real fun.

You and your Honey Bunny need to retire to your bedroom or find a quiet, secluded space, have a couple of glasses of wine and get down to the real business of giving this holiday season.

or those who like a little anal over their holiday season or are just super athletic, the Booster Seat is the position for you.

Good for doggy and anal this is only for those who accomplished their 2019 fitness goals, not those who are setting them for 2020.

Next up we have the Sideways Samba the lazy sex position of lazy sex positions. If you’ve eaten too much or had too much to drink at that New Year’s party, this sex position will allow you to nurse that full belly or hangover and still get your freak on.

Follow that up with a little 68 — Hers — cause while I’m sure your guy has eaten plenty, let him know dessert is still on the menu.

Next for those of you who were truly naughty this year, there is The X-Rated which will make your Christmas night very nice.

Bumper Cars will allow everyone to give and receive this Christmas Eve and the Brute is for those who like their gifts to come with a high degree of difficulty.

The Ballerina is for those nimble ladies and the fellas who love them. While the Hang Ten is for those who like it deep…real deep during their holiday season.

And for those of you who drunk text your exes after one too many this New Years Eve, Ex Sex is the position for you — all the lovin’ with none of the face time.

Finally for those fellas who want a little ride time we have the Hot Hula, a relaxing way for your guy to spend his Christmas night.

For the ladies, The Butterfly will give you the deep penetration you like while you relax and let your man do all the work.

Finally, we have the Thigh Master, the perfect sex position for New Year's Eve as it will get you off and get you in shape — ending your 2019 with a bang and starting off your 2020 just right.

So there you have it — the 12 Sex Positions to Try This Christmas and Into the New Year. Use it to get a jumpstart on your sex bucket list or other naughty goals you may have lined up for the coming year.

Don’t forget to show this post to your partner.

We’re sure they’ll thank you for it.

Happy Holidays!

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Sex With T.S.

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Your Guide to Great Sex

Sex With TS

Your guide to great sex.

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