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8 Amazing Rabbit Vibrators to Add to Your Sex Toy Collection

Or to start one if you haven’t done so already.

Sex With T.S.
Jan 24 · 6 min read

We can thank the Sex and the City ladies for bringing rabbit vibrators to our attention oh so many moons ago.

The rabbit or Jack Rabbit (or even Jessica Rabbit) vibrator earned its name because the clitoral stimulator on each vibrator looks like a pair of bunny ears.

The best way to get dual stimulation with your sex toys, rabbit vibrators are some of the most popular and powerful sex toys on the market.

Definitely some of our bestselling sex toys, we compiled a list of the most popular rabbit vibrators at our adult toys store.

How did we decide on popularity? Well, we looked at two factors:

  1. Which toys were the bestselling
  2. Which had the best reviews

From there, we compiled the following list and added a bit of our opinion on why we thought each toy was great. So, without further adieu, are 8 of the best and most purchased rabbit vibrators at my sex toys store.

1. Waterproof Beaver Wall Bangers Vibrator

Waterproof Beaver Wall Bangers

Not your typical rabbit vibrator, the Waterproof Beaver Wall Bangers Vibrator by Pipedream Products, has amazing suction that allows you to stick it to any surface and ride it like you would your honey.

The soft material feels life-like and bends to conform to your contours, while the vibrating clitoral stimulator hits the right spot every time. Stick it to the floor, wall, bedpost, or almost any flat surface; you’ll be amazed how it stays put for every vigorous thrust.

And since it’s waterproof, you can take it into the shower bath, making it your favorite new bath time accessory.

2. My First Jack Rabbit

My First Jack Rabbit Vibrator

My First Jack Rabbit by California Exotics is a great rabbit vibe for beginners. It’s simple and easy to use. It has a soft jelly head with reversible 2-speed, rotating pleasure beads that emit powerful bunny vibrations.

If you’re looking to try a rabbit vibrator for the first time, the My First Jack Rabbit is the way to go.

Warning: Jelly is highly porous, and no amount of cleaning can remove all bacteria that may be present. If the toy changes color or starts to have an odor, throw it ours immediately. This applies to all jelly based sex toys.

3. Thrusting Orgasm Bunny

Thrusting Orgasm Bunny

The Orgasm Thrusting Bunny by California Exotics is one of the more powerful rabbit vibes on the market. The thrusting power is great for complete arousal and climax.

Also, the powerful thrusting action comes with a vibrating and pulsating bunny shaft with dual motors and eight independent speeds of vibration and thrusting action.

It has three incredible functions for each motor: vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Complete with easy push-button control, easy on-off button, and three cool colors, the Thrusting Orgasm Bunny is a must-have addition to any sex toy collection.

4. Jelly Eager Beaver

Jelly Eager Beaver

An eager beaver indeed, The Jelly Eager Beaver wriggles, rotates and vibrates it’s way to your orgasmic ecstasy. The multi-speed rabbit vibrator delivers unbelievable thrills, with a simple touch of the attached control.

Touch another control, and the beaver vibrates, delivering the perfect external stimulation. Add in the clitoral teaser, and the Jelly Eager Beaver hits the right spot every time.

A popular vibrator at its price point, the Jelly Eager Beaver, is made out of PVC, which is a highly porous material. Keep that in mind when making a purchase.

5. Dream Maker Heavenly Dolphin

Dream Maker Heavenly Dolphin

The Dream Maker Heavenly Dolphin by Evolved Novelties is the stuff naughty dreams are made of. With its state of the are design, powerful motor, and multi-function capabilities, this rabbit vibrator will take you to new dizzying heights of pleasure.

The Dream Maker’s combination of multiple speeds and functions are guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating of desires; while the massager’s ergonomic form will ensure the liberation of your sexual soul.

Users report cumming early and often with the Dream Maker, so if you’re multi-orgasmic, or looking to be, this is the rabbit vibrator for you. Sweet Dreams!

6. LELO Ina Wave

LELO Ina Wave

Lose yourself in waves of uncontrollable pleasure with the INA Wave Vibrator from LELO. INA Wave is inspired by the caress of a lover’s fingers as it surges with a natural come hither motion to massage your G-Spot for an overwhelming powerful orgasm. While its generous body rises and falls, the powerful clitoral stimulator creates a blended climax that crashes over you.

Unlike any other vibrator our right now, INA is housed in a 100% silicone design that is fully rechargeable and waterproof. The ten unique vibration and wave settings deliver whole new levels of orgasm intensity and variety. This rabbit vibrator is for the ultimate pleasure connoisseurs who are looking for new experiences from their pleasure objects.

7. Jopen Envy Seven Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

Envy Seven Rabbit Vibrator

Sleek. Sensual. Sophisticated. The ENVY Seven is the newest evolution of pleasure products from Jopen, the makers of the very popular, very luxurious Vanity line. Abandon the batteries and wires of yesterday and take hold of modern luxury with ENVYs clean, flowing lines, unparalleled power, and ultra-fast rechargeability.

Rendered in pure silicone with a seamless satin finish, ENVY is the embodiment of beauty and intelligent design. Envy has seven functions plus independent, incremental speed control.

It also has a state of the art memory chips that remembers the last function used and has it ready when you use Envy again. In conclusion, they say form follows function. At JOPEN, where form and function align, everyone follows, and pleasure is not too far behind.

8. Jopen Vanity Vr12 Vibrator

Jopen Vanity Vr12 Rabbit Vibrator

The 2012 XBIZ Award Winner for Luxury Toy/Line of the Year Jopen’s Vanity VR12 puts the luxury in luxury sex toy. California Exotics’ Vanity line from Jopen is the perfect intimate accessory. Chic sophistication, refined luxury, and unparalleled power in the palm of your hand ecstasy awaits anytime a Vanity vibrator is used.

The Vanity VR12 has a rechargeable stimulator with synchronous dual vibrating motors plus independent rotation. It is ergonomically designed for the natural contours of a woman with powerful independent motors in the stimulator, shaft, and rotating head.

The VR12 has separate incremental speed controls as well as an instant on/off function with easy to follow instructions. It is waterproof, whisper-quiet, and is made of premium silicone that maintains and retains body heat while being unscented, non-porous, and hypoallergenic.

The satin finish is divine and virtually seamless. With all of that going for it, plus its ability to deliver mind-bending orgasms, why wouldn’t you add Jopen’s Vanity VR12 to your pleasure arsenal.

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