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Sex With T.S.
Nov 10 · 2 min read


I wanted to call this the Sexy Sunday Newsletter, but Meghan Ward calls her newsletter that so I thought it would be rude if I did the same thing.

Thank you to you all for deciding to follow me on this journey as I move my old blog Sex With T.S. to Medium and get it going again.

I’ll save the details of why I ended it originally, but I am glad to get it back up and running again. And I’m excited to have you with me.

As I settle into a regular publishing and marketing scheduling there will be a lot of cool things coming down the pipe and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

In the meantime, you can check out my sex toy store Sex With T.S. which was part of the original website, so of course, I had to bring over to the new Medium publication as well.

Alright, enough of the chit chat here are the top stories from my first full week live and in business:

Big Butt Problems: No, My Prodigious Rump Doesn’t Mean I’m Sexually Available

A Beginner’s Guide to Deep-Throating Your Man Like a Pro

Talk Dirty to Me: How to Have Amazing Phone Sex Even If You’re Shy

Don’t Give Up Your Power Trying to Secure a Ring

Be sure to follow me on Twitter — @sexxwithts — I follow back.

’Til next time.

Sex With TS

Your guide to great sex.

Sex With T.S.

Written by

Your Guide to Great Sex

Sex With TS

Your guide to great sex.

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