Sexcoin, The Adult Blockchain

Sexcoin, perhaps the best branded coin in the entire Blockchain. Sexcoin is a cryptocurrency aligned entirely to bring crypto to the Adult Entertainment world. Our goal is to create a safer, more fun environment where a decentralized Sex-Coin (exchange symbol SXC) can be used to make instant micropayment, send or receive anonymous gifts, trade for goods, and to experience safe adult entertaining of all flavors.

Sexcoin is not a new coin. There was no ICOs and no initial investments of any kind. Sexcoin has grown steadily having started in 2013 during the first true Altcoin Uprising. After an initial three year period of growth, 2017 saw Sexcoin realise its true potential as the development of features were adopted and implimented.

Sexcoin (SXC) can be mined. A total of 250,000,000 coins will eventually be created. At the start of 2018, SXC circulation stands at 125,600,195 SXC. We currently have an average of 200 active nodes at any given time supporting our Network Hashrate of ~49 GH/s. For the geeks, our difficulty is currently sits around 564.0. The first 2 blocks were pre-mined to help pay for development bounties, giving back to miners and future development.

But enough of the geeky tech stuff, you can find all of that here and here

Ok, we couldn’t hold it, here’s some Geek Porn!

BlockTime: 60sec
Confirmations: 6
Difficulty: Retargets every block
Coins: 250,000,000 Total
Rewards: Initially started at 100 SXC per block halving every 600,000 blocks - At the time of writing there are 6.5 SXC per block found.
Block 1-2: Pre-mined first 2 blocks for bounties and giving back to miners.
Block 3–5000: 200 sxc/block
Block 5001+: 100 sxc/block
Lucky Blocks: Lucky chance to have x3 or x50 sxc block.
Difficulty Target: Kimoto Gravity Well
Legacy: Litecoin Magic Network Number Removed!
Port: 9560

Sexcoin’s 2017

We had a great 2017! 🎉 The SexCoin community watched as our Market Capital increase to an outstanding $18,000,000 USD (12/29/2017). Our $SXC coin is traded on Livecoin and Cryptopia with healthy 24-hour volume. The SexCoin Dev Team has watched as SexCoin has been used widely such as in Cryptopia’s Market Place and in our exclusive Sexcoin Only store: The Sexcoin Maid.

We are both proud and humbled by these great milestones.

Social and Engagement 👩🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻

2017 saw us have our best engagements ever! The SexCoin team has been most active on the following apps and sites:

  1. Bitcointalk — active engagement with new members and being able to walk users through any “How To” enquiries.
  2. Twitter — We post daily updates of the SXC price as well as treats for the decerning viwer.
  3. Slack — Where we hang out — We’d love to see you there sometime.
  4. Sexcoin Forum — A more structred means for members of the SXC community to connect and share advice.
  5. Reddit — Staying in touch with the Reddit community and a place for Sexcoin Girls Gone Wild.
  6. Telegram News Channel — Our newest method of reaching out to the masses.

Wallets 💼

Sexcoin Wallets are widely available and have been made for all formats:

  1. Windows — Both 64 Bit and the older 32 bit versions
  2. Linux — for the descerning coder
  3. OS X — For the contemporary Mac user
  4. Android — Make payments on the go via the Android Wallet.

All are available in a one-stop shop: SexcoinWallet.Com as well as via the GitHub Site:

We have also made Sexcoin Paper Wallets available for those hardcore old-timers. 😈

Market Places and Stores 🍑

Our very first Sexcoin Only Store, The Sexcoin Maid opened up in September offering the latest in wireless Sex toys and Adult toy goodies. The store caters to customers in the U.S. (Continental and Hawaii) and most of Europe with Free Shipping, always, for U.S. clients.

The one and only Miss Banana has a few personal items for sale there too. 😈

@RealMissBanana ~

The Cryptopia Market Place enables Sexcoin to be used by all of its users to trade sexy (or any) goodies paid for of course with SXC SexCoins.

Sexcoin’s 2018

The Year 2018 will be a big one for Sexcoin. We are expanding our line up of available wallets and we are building up a stronger network. Here is what we have coming up:

Easier Usage of Sexcoin 🚀

  1. We are working on Lite Wallets for SXC (Yes! Lite Wallets!). See Reward program if you would like to participate.
  2. Monthly bootstraps for the Sexcoin client (drastically reducing the synchronization of the desktop wallet).
  3. New and easier installation guides for beginners (because not everyone is a geek like us).

Mining around the world 💪

  1. SXC will get a completely new and strong pool in Europe.

Spread the world with Sexcoin 😎

  • A sales team in Europe will bring Sexcoin to toy shops, clubs, online shops and other adult venues. We will have more details once the deal is complete.
  • A new crypto exchanger specialized for adult entertainment and adult merchants will start in Europe soon. Sexcoin will be a huge part of this and the Sexcoin Team will be part of the spearhead launching this project.
  • There are independent performers now utilizing Sexcoin SXC as an extra form of income. We will create a one store shop for them by working on a list of all merchants, camgirls and services. All of which are accepting Sexcoin.

Reward program 💰

We have Sexcoin set aside to help develop our projects.

Please join our Slack Channel or send us a tweet @realSexcoin for complete details and/or help with the following Bounties.

  • iOS SXC Lite Wallet App
  • SXC Lite Client for Windows (Electrum Style)
  • SXC Lite Client for OS X(Electrum Style)
  • Translations — We are looking for translations of our services
  • Merchants and Camgirls — Do you have a merchant or camgirl which want to accept Sexcoins? Affiliate Reward
  • Bug Bounty (Report us a detailed bug report — What did you do? What happened? — and get a reward)

Sexcoin 🚀, yes, 🚀

There is a saying that Code and Development is king. For us, the Sexcoin Development Team, this has been true since the start of the project and continues to be true. Therefore, we are setting aside a large amount of SXC to help develop new features, find bugs, reward performers, finance advertising, and spread Sexcoin around the world.

But we cannot overlook the incredible growth we have seen in 2017. Sexcoin experienced an amazing rally both against Bitcoin and the USD pair. But we have a long road to cover and this is just the beginning.

In 2018, we will aligning Sexcoin to become part of the $97 Billion Dollar industry.

“Porn is a global, estimated $97 billion industry, with about $12 billion of that coming from the U.S.” (NBC News)
“At least 30% of all data transferred across the internet is porn-related.” (HuffPost)

Thank You! 😘

Let us finish our first Medium Post with a Huge Thank You! Thank you all for your continuing support, thank you for your trust, thank you for your investments, your trades, and your use of the Sex-coin in our market places. And finally, thank you for keeping the blockchain sexy.