What Does Bisexual Even Mean?

Read on and find out.

Sexual identity can be complicated. Talking about personal experiences with these labels can make the concepts a little easier to wrestle with. But keep in mind that personal experiences can also vary a lot.

Having a label for your identity can make it easier to feel secure or to find community and support. But sometime it’s safer or more comfortable for folks not to label their sexualities, particularly when identities have a lot of stigma.

I’m a man. I’m attracted to men, women, and non-binary folks. I’ve primarily dated and had sex with women. I’ve also dated and had sex with men. And I would date and have sex with non-binary folks.

I identify as bisexual. I’m attracted to men and women. I’m attracted to people of the same and different genders than myself. I’m attracted to all genders. I’m attracted to two or more genders. There’s more than one definition of bisexual, and I’m comfortable that I fit at least a couple of them. Though it’s valid if you fit just one!

I also identify as queer. I’m not only attracted to women. I’m not straight. If someone really wants to know who I have sex with or who I date, a longer conversation could be useful. I really like that queer is a larger umbrella term, though it’s important to know that some folks don’t like to use it!

I’ve identified as bisexual for a long time, since before I realized “men and women” didn’t include everyone or that I was attracted to people who weren’t men or women. I also appreciate that most people are familiar with the term bisexual, even if some folks use it in different ways.

Of course, there are more sexual identities and other ways people use these words!