Sex and Our Unspoken Truths

Why we should confess what we want, however dirty

Zoe Naz
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3 min readApr 16, 2022


Pexel — Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Discover our unspoken truths.
That’s what sex should unearth.

Yet, most of us, sit in the comfortable silence.
In our comfortable homes.
In our comfortable routines.
In our comfortable beds.
Afraid to get dirt under our nails.

We recognize that once it’s there, it’s hard to wash out.
So in that comfort, remains our dirty truths.

That some of us would gladly pay to tell her exactly how we like our cock sucked. And our balls licked. With no strings attached.

To feel relaxed and relieved. To get sure-fire satisfaction for the hours we’ve slaved away at our desks staring at spreadsheets and emails.

To know the true power of a $100 bill. To feel alive, if just for an hour.

…or that some of us would like to be dominated by two men to finally surrender control for the otherwise perfectly manufactured and safe lives we lead. To feel special. Or not special at all. To be punished for all the guilt we carry.

To try on another reality. The girl next door, who we could have become if we were born in a different place, to different parents, with different finances.

To silence the noises in our heads and our insecurities that are constantly interrupting the moment. Of the familiar honking outside the window, where impatience guides us yet where most of us wish life away waiting for the weekend.

To feel the weight of a war that raging inside us. And around us. Where people die for no reason. And are born for the same cause. Where pleasure can blossom from the depths of pain.

To challenge how the world sees us. And explore what makes us feel alive.

It’s no coincidence that some of the top searched porn by women are rape and bondage fantasies, and for men are older women, or MILFs.

Yet, society deplores such acts as Dirty. Demoralizing. Destructive. Deceitful. With everyday being D-Day.

So for most, we stuff our desires away in the depths of our minds and unleash them only when we are alone with a…



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