You Need a Sex Bucket List to Help Improve Your Sex Life

I have one and so should you. Here’s why.

Nicole Bedford
Nov 1, 2019 · 5 min read
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It is imperative to carve time out for the activities in life that invigorate you, make you feel relaxed, sensual, help boost your mood and overall well-being — energetic activities like sex. We should all aspire to have more and more sex. In fact, you should think about the type of sex that you’ve only considered having in your dizziest daydreams and commit them to paper in a Sex Bucket List.

That’s right if you really want to explore your unbidden desires and drink continuously from the fountain of pleasure then you need to really commit to exploring all of them but first, you need to identify what they are.

The best and most effective way to ensure you identify your desires is to plan them out in writing and then create an action plan for doing them, much like deciding on the parts of the globe you want to explore on your travel bucket list. Think of this more as ways to fuck before you die list. ‘Listers gonna list right?’

Your Sex Bucket List should include everything you haven’t done but have been too chickenshit to experience sexually. Get nasty, dig deep into your most carnal desires and write about the sex you want to experience with one partner or multiples. There are no limits this is your fuck-before-you-die list. Creating your sex-bucket list can benefit you in multiple ways.

Why You Need A Sex Buck List

1. Getting in Touch with Your Desires

Making a list of all the sexual things you’d like to do opens your awareness of what your innate desires are. You tap into your sexual power and invoke your inner sex god/goddess. Thinking about the pleasurable acts you wish to experience during sex will force you to consider how sexually fulfilling your sex life currently is and has been.

It will enable you to make it better and more gratifying. Consider it a springboard for tapping into the sexual energy that’s dormant, and your sex bucket list will help you to own your sexual power, explore some kink and unapologetically seek to satiate those desires.

2. It Will Help You Remember Your Sexual Goals

If you’re in a committed relationship, after such a long time together it’s easy for the humdrum of life to snuff out the sexual spark you have for each other. Similarly, if you’re unattached, your daily to-do list, social engagements, and other obligations can get in the way of nurturing and feeding your sexual appetite for seduction and pleasure. Creating a sex bucket list can keep you on track. Remind you of what you have yet to experience and help you keep them from never being experienced.

3. Sexual Creativity

Plain ole vanilla sex is great but imagine how much better sex can be if you sat down and considered your deepest fantasies. If attached, you can enjoy this activity with your significant other and then spend the night exploring some of the things you come up with. Sex can get boring. It’s easy to fall into a routine where creativity, seduction, and pleasure are nonexistent. Keep things alive by discussing new things and ways of kink.

4. You, Will, Keep Track of Peak Experiences

Tick them off as you go, rate the experience, discuss how you can improve on what you’ve done. The point is it’s a great way for you to always keep a log of what works for you during sex and what doesn’t. You can build upon your experience, add new tricks, and really learn what turns you own and what brings those earth-shattering orgasms.

5. You Will Enjoy Your Sex Life Even More

This is an extension of number 4. Constantly looking for new things to explore in and out of the bedroom sexually will rev up your sex life in the best ways possible. Sex will never feel like a chore, it will be fun and you’ll make your pleasure and your partner(s)’ pleasure a priority. More gratifying sex means you get that much more out it including all the health benefits and the lingering post-coital glow.

My Sex Bucket List

As a woman, I’ve never been shy to exclaim my love for sex, even though I grew up in my own repressive Evangelical hell. I’m definitely an agent provocateur and since my sexual awakening I’ve been in chase of the next orgasm and if orgasm isn’t achieved, I also have had no reservations about indulging in the journey of seeking pleasure.

Thus, I’ve done a lot sexually and so my list is shorter and involves more daring kink and lots of group sex activities. When Sex With T.S. published her bucket list, I ticked off 95% of what she listed and began thinking of my own. See how you stack up against hers and to get more ideas for your own.

Here’s what I can’t wait to experience sexually.

1. Experience a night of sexual decadence at a sex or swingers’ night club with or without a partner.

2. Take part in a massive orgy. (I’ve considered an Ancient Rome style birthday party to do just that.)

3. Have ritual sex and perform sex magic with a partner(s).

4. Have sex outside during a heavy downpour.

5. Get pounded in doggy style while I attempt to read a book — and then punished when I stumble or falter.

6. Be a submissive in a BDSM scene. I want to be restrained, tied up, spanked with a flogger, denied orgasm, experience prolonged orgasm, use nipple clamps, etc. In a sex dungeon or wherever. I want the full monty.

7. Experience double or triple penetration.

8. Make a sex tape (that’s not deleted after).

9. Join the mile-high club — preferably in first class on a long-haul flight with reclining bed-like chairs and a privacy door.

10. I want to role-play (taboo roles) in a safe environment.

That’s my shortlist. I’ve done so much already and I love going beyond the norm. Get crazy. Look up Kama sutra positions you want to try with your lover, use sex toys, have sex in public, experiment with food, use Altoids during oral sex, candle wax, ice, or walk the line of pleasure and pain.

Just release your inhibitions and have the best sex of your life repeatedly. Write that sex bucket list and then just do it.


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Conversations about sex from all around the world

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