#SexToyReview: Evolved’s ‘Pretty in Pink’ and ‘Little Dipper’ rechargeable bullet vibrators

Comparison/contrast of two of Evolved’s flagship rechargeable vibrators

#LoveIsBack! Evolved Novelties suggests that the Pretty in Pink and Little Dipper be displayed together — and it’s easy to see why.

My boyfriend, GingerLefty, and I had the chance to test out Evolved NoveltiesPretty in Pink and Little Dipper rechargeable vibrators this week (which made for a merry Xmas and Happy New Year both!), and we have some thoughts.

Both the Pretty in Pink and Little Dipper are available in-store at Katz Boutique as of the writing of this article.
On the left, the Pretty in Pink and on the right, the Little Dipper — very similar in some regards, but with some important differences.

First, the basics. Like (nearly) all Evolved Novelties items, the Pretty in Pink and Little Dipper both come with a 5-year limited warranty (The Katz Boutique Blog has a solid piece on whether warranties are worth it — spoiler alert: they are, big time, but feel free to click below to read why).


The aforementioned warranty is identical for both products. Both are totally waterproof/submersible, and meant (explicitly) for bath and shower play [we used them for shower play at one point, and they’re legit]. There are enough similarities that many customers seem to find themselves torn between these two (which, by the way, both retail for roughly $40, per GingerLefty… $42, he says, after tax). So, with that in mind, here’s a guide to these two (amazing) little toys, and where they align & differ. Either one is a great, great purchase (especially for a first vibe), but if you’re deciding between the two, this should help.

Hard to beat the combo of punch and portability in the Pretty in Pink. It’s ABS material magnifies its power even further, and it… is memorable.

Size matters? (It doesn’t here)

Size-wise, the two are very similar. The Little Dipper clocks in at 4" long and 1" wide, while the Pretty in Pink measures 3.4" long and .9" wide. While comparable (both are small/bullet-sized), the Pretty in Pink probably gets the nod for discretion while turned off — but while vibrating, Pretty in Pink is pretty loud, while the Little Dipper can be used internally on the first setting and someone in the room may not hear/know it (trust us). Neither is going to take up too much space, but the PiP is definitely designed to be tucked away in small, discreet (purse-like? my first thought…) places. No real advantage here, though.


All Evolved Novelties products are made from non-toxic materials (and are phthalate-free, scent-free, body-safe and latex-free). Same case with these two, but take note: the product descriptions on Evolved’s website do indicate a difference in material. Both feel great (greeeeeat), but GingerLefty and I agree that the Little Dipper’s “luxurious silicone” feels a little nicer than the Pretty in Pink’s “plastic [ABS], with silky smooth PU [polyurethane] cover.” 
That said, the plastic of the PiP still feels terrific (externally, anyway, on/around the clit and vulva… inserting isn’t easy, because of the size/shape), and one of the reasons plastic is frequently used in vibrators (and in bullet vibes, especially) is that plastic transfers vibrations extremely well, allowing firm, strong stimulation. However, the silicone of the Little Dipper is just… nicer-feeling. Again, a close-call, but the Little Dipper has a slight advantage.


Noooooooo contest. The Pretty in Pink is STRONG, y’all. Strong to Quite Strong. My boyfriend once threw one of the Pretty in Pinks into a shot glass along with one of the standard, battery-operated bullet vibes… again, no contest. Watch it here:

Common question: is the other one even on?? Yes. They’re both on identical, low-power [first function] settings. It’s that strong.

If the Little Dipper is a 9 on a 10-point scale of bullet vibrator power, the Pretty in Pink goes to 11. The cute, curvaceous blue cartoon fella* packs PLENTY of power. Like we said — a 9 out of 10. But the PiP just crushes; to our knowledge, it’s the most effective combination of small size/enormous power there is. For sure, ‘power’ goes to Pretty in Pink. By a country mile.
Functions’ numerically favors the Little Dipper (8 to 7; not a noticeable difference to us), but we’re calling that a tie. They both offer what feels like plenty of patterns/options, (for both, by single-clicking the only button on the vibe [huge yas to that design philosophy, which isn’t exactly breaking new ground]) typically with a 1A-1B feel, in that a pattern is vibed and then vibed harder/faster or in some more intense fashion… makes perfect sense. For me (and, as always, Everyone is Different), I enjoy functions and the sheer joy of seeing what a little machine can do, but I’m going to orgasm with the first, second or third (straight vibration: low, medium, high) functions 100 percent of the time. I acknowledge that lots of reasonable people and opinions differ, and I would speculate that the functions here, for both, are solid/more-than-adequate, but… I’m not the best judge, nor is the boyf. 
*(GingerLefty and I think of them as bro & sis, blue & pink… we knowwww, it’s heteronormative, but swapping boy/girl pink/blue was confusing when we tried it, so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


In much the same way that ‘Power’ is no-contest Pretty in Pink’s spotlight feature, shape/feel is definitely where Little Dipper gets his chance to shine. It’s not only perfectly, naturally, intuitively curved for great ergonomic control during clitoral play, it’s also great for g-spot stimulation/internally in a pinch. The Little Dipper’s shape — a sensuous, curvaceous four inches, with a slender ‘waist’ that gives way to a delightfully swollen tip replete with light, firm ridges that definitely make a difference — is its strength, a best-in-class feature and one that sets it apart among the other toys in my collection.


Either one of these rechargeable bullet vibrators would be a terrific addition to your toy collection, but likely, you’re thinking one or the other. The right answer here is that there is no right answer! Everyone is different… but hopefully, the comparison/contrast helped you figure out which of the little bullet vibes is more your speed (pun intended).

OVERALL: GingerLefty and Slutty Vegan give both the Little Dipper and Pretty in Pink 8.5 out of 10 — terrific, gold-standard type entries into the sex toy annals, and worthwhile additions to any collection. But there are definitely reasons one might fall in love with one or the other… hopefully this helps!! ❤

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