Bedding The Coffee Shop Girl

Throwing myself into sex with the young lady who made my latte

Beth Singleton
May 24, 2020 · 28 min read
Photo by inside-studio from Depositphotos

I am many things, but one of them is not a “morning person”.

My husband Jamie wakes up at ungodly hours, works out, gets the girls up for school, makes them breakfast, and is usually ready for work before my alarm clock goes off… and that’s not even factoring in the number of times I hit the snooze button on my phone.

Having worked from home now for the last 14 weeks, things have gotten worse for me — I usually have my first meetings of the day at 9am via Webex, Skype, or Zoom, and I have to drag myself out of bed by 8:25 am to have a shower and make myself somewhat presentable for whomever I’m going to be talking to first.

I usually hit my stride at around 10:30am. I take 15 to 30 minutes off, make some coffee, have some breakfast, and go check on the girls and Jamie.

On Thursday though, for some reason, I woke up at 6am. It may have been Jamie returning home from his run and hopping into our ensuite shower or something, but I woke up and there was no going back to sleep.

I hate waking up early like that. I just laid there staring at the ceiling listening to the shower.

I hopped out of bed, walked over to the dresser, pulled out a fresh pair of panties, and then pulled on my yoga pants and t-shirt. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I decided that I’d go for an early morning walk to start the day.

Jamie was having the longest shower in the history of showers as I walked in the bathroom to clean my teeth and run a brush through my hair.

I stood by the shower screen as he washed and tapped on the glass, “Show me your cock.” He splashed some water on the foggy shower screen and spread his legs a bit to let himself hang a bit more for my viewing pleasure.

I gave him a thumbs-up, I don’t know why, and I went about washing away the night from my mouth and getting my hair under control.

Leaving the bathroom, I realized my hair needed a wash so I grabbed a baseball cap and pulled my hair into a ponytail out the back before pulling on my shoes and grabbing my Airpods.

Jamie had finished his shower and was drying himself in the doorway to our bathroom, I looked at him and pointed, “You’re the only person in the world who has developed abs during lockdown.”

He asked, “Where are you going?”

I said I was going for a walk to get some air to try and wake up. He knows how much I hate early starts, so he was a bit surprised as I headed out.

The air was brisk. We have had a pretty amazing autumn here in Sydney — the Sun has been out, the temperatures have been warm, and even the day before on Wednesday, I was comfortably swimming in our pool in the middle of the day without having to crank the heater up.

But on this morning, the weather was a bit lower than it had been and I was slightly underdressed for my walk. I had on a pair of UnderArmor yoga pants and a tight-fitting UnderArmor polyester/elastane blend t-shirt which is like that sweat-resistant, breathable, stretchy material.

It was fine until I was about half a kilometre from home and the first gust of wind hit me — it was chilly and cut right through my t-shirt.

In my mind, I was debating whether to turn around and go home or push on.

I decided to change my walking route and hit this cafe I’d driven past numerous times on the way to go grocery shopping but had never been in. I always mentioned to Jamie that we should try it because there were always people there which is a sign that either the coffee or food are really good.

The cafe is about 2km from our place and the entire way there is uphill which explains why I’d never walked there before.

As I walked in the door, I was flush from the walk, and my cheeks were rosy from the chilly wind. Behind the kitchen pass was a young Asian guy who was the short-order cook and serving the customers was a young blonde woman with flowing hair and the bluest eyes you’d ever seen.

That’s hindsight. In truth, when I walked in, I noticed the guy cooking and that there was a young girl taking orders and making coffees. I wasn’t paying much attention because I was trying to focus on the social distancing markings on the floor so as not to make any ordering faux pas.

She took my order, I paid by tapping my phone, and she directed me to an area outside where I’d wait and she’d bring me my latte.

Ordering in cafes and stuff now is a bit like the episode of Seinfeld with the Soup Nazi — there’s a protocol that you must follow and if you don’t you’re breaching some kind of etiquette and run the risk of being forced to stay inside for six more weeks of lockdown like some kind of weird version of Punxsutawney Phil.

While I waited, I stood under a gas heat lamp and played with my phone.

A few minutes later, my phone time was interrupted by a takeaway coffee cup being thrust in my vicinity. I looked up and this beautiful young woman was standing very close to me, clearly encroaching on social distancing norms. She leaned in slightly as she handed me the cup, “You’re so hot.”

I stared at her trying to process what she said for a second. She was looking into my eyes with a slight smile on her youthful face.

“Oh… Geez. Thank you!”

That was it, that was my entire response. I didn’t even wipe the surprised look off my face to smile.

She smiled at me, turned on her heel, and went back to work.

I took a sip of my coffee and the warmth ran through my whole body. I watched this young woman for a second to try and figure out what happened.

Did I mistake what she said? Did she say “Your coffee is hot” and I misheard?

How could I be standing here, unshowered, slightly sweaty, no makeup, wearing gym gear and a baseball cap, and this gorgeous young woman walks up to me and tells me that I’m hot?

It didn’t compute.

I stared at her for a minute or so as she worked. Incredibly fair skin, even more silky white than my own. It was flawless. No foundation or anything, just a light pink lipstick and some eyeliner.

She had an incredibly small waist and easily D cup breasts that seemed to defy gravity as she moved.

I gawked at her.

Then my phone buzzed with a text message. It was from Jamie, “Grab some milk on the way home.”

The spell was broken and I turned to make the downhill walk back to our place, but the entire sequence with the young woman played out in my mind over and over again the entire way.

She absolutely said I was hot.

I was no longer feeling the cold wind, I was warm inside.

Without going into a “woe is me” spiel, I’ve found this lockdown and self — isolation situation really quite challenging.

I’ve not had proper, fully engaged sex in nearly three months.

I managed to have a single session with Jamie where his erection seemed to work and I rode him frantically, but it wasn’t an “engaged” session where you kiss, touch, taste, and feel someone as you have sex with them.

It was me fucking my husband because I couldn’t remember the last time he could get hard and I didn’t want to waste the chance.

Before the working from home started, I’d been sick for three weeks with a serious bout of flu and hadn’t really had the opportunity to catch up with any of my regulars.

So yeah, it’s been a while and I’ve been desperate for that passionate touch of another person who is trying to pleasure you while you do the same for them.

This young woman’s single statement to me, “You’re so hot” burned inside me the entire day as I replayed it inside my head over and over again.

I usually go to bed at 11pm at the latest and sleep like a baby, but that night, I couldn’t get to sleep. I laid there staring at the ceiling.

At 12:30am, I got up went to pee, and as I sat on the toilet, I masturbated while thinking about this young woman. I even tweeted about it.

I woke up the next morning, had a shower, made myself presentable without going over the top, and headed to the cafe with my Macbook to work for the day. I told Jamie that I needed some fresh air to work, but the truth was, I needed to see if this young woman was working and if so, I wanted to drink her in again with my eyes.

Thankfully in Sydney, things are starting to open back up, so the cafe had tables outside where I could sit, eat, and work.

I walked in and she was behind the counter. I lifted my sunglasses and smiled at her. She smiled back broadly and my soul lit up, “Hello, again!”

I asked if it was ok for me to do a couple of hours of work at one of the tables outside and she put her hand on my upper arm, “Of course, it is! You’re welcome to stay as long as you like — you have to order in here though and we’ll bring stuff out to you, we’re not able to do full table service just yet.”

I ordered a large latte and a bacon and egg roll and made my way out to a table under a gas heater. It was a bit chilly in the morning air, but the heater made it feel toasty. I’d brought along a hoodie this time, so I wouldn’t get cold and could stay as long as I wanted.

A few minutes later, having set up my laptop and gotten my wifi spot working, the young blonde woman brought out my coffee and breakfast.

She placed it down on the table, with some cutlery, and she put her hand on my shoulder, “Do you need anything else, Elizabeth?”

Electric shocks ran from her hand through my whole body and my brain stopped working. The only thing that came out of my mouth were, “How did you know my name?”

She laughed slightly, “Sorry, I remembered it from yesterday when I wrote it on your takeaway cup. I’m Agnes, by the way.”

I smiled and said, “Lovely to meet you, Agnes. You can call me Beth… Elizabeth is what my husband and people at work call me.”

She squeezed my shoulder slightly, smiled, and said, “Beth it is! Let me know if you need anything else, ok? Stay as long as you like.”

With that she wheeled on her heel like she’d done the day before and went back inside to serve other customers.

I felt so stupid, why had I mentioned my husband? This sexy young woman was clearly flirting with me and I dropped the flirt repellent right upfront.

The funny part about this whole thing is that I’m normally very, very cool in these types of sexual tension situations. I don’t get flustered and boundaries for me are quite flexible.

Obviously, the lack of sexual activity and the way I craved the physical attention was interfering with my normal rhythm.

As I ate my breakfast and scanned my email, I made a mental note to chill out and get my game face back on.

About an hour after I finished eating, I was in a Zoom meeting with a client and had my noise-canceling headset on. I was quite engrossed in work and enjoyed being outside.

Agnes caught my eye from inside the cafe and she made a drinking gesture to see if I wanted another coffee. I quickly covered the camera on my laptop, nodded, and mouthed, “Yes, please!”

A few minutes later, she came to the table with my coffee, I covered the webcam again, and muted my mic. Again she rested her hand on my shoulder as she put it down.

I looked up at her and said, “Thank you so much, I appreciate that.”

As I did, I didn’t realize, but I’d put my hand on the back of her upper thigh. It wasn’t sexual, she was just close by and I was grateful, so instinctively I touched her.

She asked if I needed anything else, and I gently rubbed the back of her leg, “No thanks, this was awesome, sweety.”

She smiled, “I’ll wave at you again in a bit to see if you need anything!”

Agnes made her way back inside, I went back to my meeting and apologized for stepping out. I explained that the young lady who ran the cafe brought me another coffee and one of my clients on the call said, “That’s the life. Working outside, having people bring you things. I hope we never go back to normal.”

We all laughed and went about our meeting.

After my meeting, Agnes was outside clearing a table, so I waved at her to come over. I pointed at the other seat, so she sat down.

“Actually, Beth, I needed to sit down, I haven’t gotten off my feet since 5:30am this morning. You’re not in a meeting?”

I smiled, “No, I’m doing some document reviews for the next hour or two. How long have you worked here, Agnes?”

She smiled, “I don’t really work here, I own this cafe with my sister.”

I was quite surprised. I suspected Agnes was no older than 25 and this was a pretty expensive area, so for someone so young to own it, that was unusual.

“Wow, that’s great. Have you owned it for long?”

She smiled, “It’s a long story and I’ll tell you about it later if you stick around. It was a birthday present late last year from my Aunt and Uncle for my sister and I. She is off on maternity leave and between that and the virus, I’ve taken a year off school to run this place.”

I nodded, “Sure, I’ll be here. What are you studying? How old are you if you don’t mind?”

Agnes stood up and waved at another customer who was inside signaling that she’d be there in a minute, “I turned 21 just before Christmas. I’ve done two years of business, but I really want to switch to law.”

I nodded and laughed, “I’m a lawyer… So is my husband… So were both my parents… That’s something I know a bit about.”

She got this excited look on her face, put her hand back on my shoulder, “Oh Beth! When the lunch rush is over and I take a break, can I come pick your brain about studying law?”

“Of course! I’ve got from 1pm-2pm not booked for meetings, that’s when I have lunch and workout, so come sit with me when you have a chance.”

She wheeled off and served other customers. A few minutes later while I was on a quick call, another mug latte magically appeared.

Agnes was taking great care of me.

It had just gone 1pm and I noticed that Agnes was nowhere to be seen. The young Asian short-order cook was milling around inside, but the cafe seemed to have hit a post-lunch lull in customers.

I was checking out an email when I realized the young man was standing next to me, “Excuse me, Miss. Agnes wants to know if you want me to make you a sandwich or some soup for lunch? I’m making her a toasted ham, cheese, and tomato sandwich, and she’s going to be right with you.”

I said that sounded great and I’d have one as well.

A few minutes later, Agnes came out with coffees for each of us and sat down at the spare seat next to me at my table. I folded up my laptop and my work so we had some space to eat lunch.

She smiled, “I had to go upstairs and take my jeans off. I spilled some orange juice on them and the only thing I had clean was a sundress and these yoga pants. It’s clearly too cold for a sundress!”

Our lunch arrived and we chatted for nearly an hour.

Agnes and her sister were orphans — their parents died in a car accident when Agnes was 12 and her sister was 17. They moved in with her mother’s sister and her husband who had no children of their own and with whom they were already very close.

“Our aunt was like our second mother when our mom was alive, so there was some type of normal for us.”

When Agnes’ sister was 18, she decided to move back into their parents’ house and after some discussion Agnes moved back there with her sister.

“It wasn’t that I wasn’t happy with my aunt and uncle, I just wanted to be home. They didn’t live that far from us and we were both responsible, so it just seemed to work. My high school struggled with it the most, but it just worked out.”

“My sister got married about three years ago and her husband moved into the house with us. It was great. Last year she got pregnant so they moved into our parents’ old room and wanted me to move into her room so they could convert mine to a nursery. It was a good plan, but it felt off to me. It had become their family’s house, which I love, but I decided to move back in with my aunt and uncle while I went to uni.”

Agnes has one of those faces where the emotion she’s feeling about something is incredibly apparent. You could see she loved her sister and when she talked about it becoming her sister’s “family’s” home, it wasn’t with any regret or acrimony, it was pure love. Her eyes were filled with joy as she told me — you could see in her soul how happy that their family home would be the home of another generation of her family.

“So last year for my birthday, my aunt and uncle gave my sister and I this building. It was kind of a joint present for my birthday and her having a baby. The building has the apartment above the shop — I live in the apartment, and they paid to fit out the shop as a cafe when that’s what we decided we wanted to do.”

Agnes stopped talking for a second, sprinted inside, and came out with two muffins. As she put them down, she walked back around the table to take her seat and she ran her hand across my shoulders — again, the electric charge ran through my entire body.

“Apple and Cinnamon. I made them myself this morning.”

I thanked her and complimented her on how moist the muffin was, it was really good, “So your sister took on setting up and running a cafe while pregnant? I hated getting out of bed, she’s ambitious.”

Agnes laughed, “It wasn’t practical. She was six months pregnant when we opened. I decided to push school for a year and just do something different. My boyfriend and I had been together for two years, we’d just broken up, and I hated my business degree.”

I nodded while eating my muffin, “Why did you guys break up?”

She smiled at me, “You ask the tough questions, it’s easy to see you’re a good lawyer. He and I got together when I first started uni. He was really my first serious boyfriend. He wanted to travel, be a backpacker, live out of a suitcase, and be carefree. Because of my life history, I tend to gravitate towards stability, so the idea of being a gypsy was not something I could get on board with. He’s trapped in Spain right now, can’t get home. I think I made the right choice.”

I looked into her eyes, “When he comes home, will you guys get back together do you think?”

Agnes rolled her eyes and shook her head, “God, no. I realized after he left that I was with him because it was comfortable and familiar for me. I look at my sister and her husband and see how they just “fit” and I knew that he and I weren’t like that. Do you have that kind of marriage, Beth?”

That question caught me off guard, “Wow. You’ve wrong-footed me. Uhhh… Like any relationship, it’s complicated, it would take a long time to explain, and we both have to get back to work I suspect.”

I realized that I was being evasive, but I genuinely wasn’t prepared for the intimacy of her question.

She smiled, “Well… What if you come around this evening for dinner? I’ll order pizza from Greco’s, we’ll crack open a bottle of wine, and you can tell me the whole story. It’s only fair, I shared my story, I should know yours.”

Her offer was incredibly spontaneous and unexpected.

“Wow, I love Greco’s pizza, so that’s very tempting.”

Agnes put her hand on my shoulder and leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Jesse, the young guy who runs it, he comes here three or four days a week before they open to grab a coffee. When I realized he ran Greco’s and was a local business owner, I just started to give him his coffee for free. He now won’t charge me for my pizzas no matter how often I order. Oh, and he likes to stare at my tits.”

She pulled away and we both laughed out loud.

I thought about the idea of spending the evening with Agnes. I wanted it badly and I felt that her flirting was leading to something more intimate, something both of us obviously felt.

I nodded, “Ok, let me square it with my husband, but it should be fine. Do you want me to pick up the pizza on the way over? I have to go past Greco’s to get here. I’ll bring a couple of bottles of red as well. Tell Jesse that Jamie’s wife, Beth, will pick them up, he knows me.”

Agnes laughed, “Does he stare at your tits too?”

“I hope so.”

We agreed that I’d be at her place around 6:30pm which gave her time to close the cafe, shower, change, and clean up.

She went back to work and I texted Jamie that I was going to catch up that evening with a friend from work. He knew that this person was having a rough time, her husband had left her and their kids to go into self-isolation during the lockdown period with another woman.

Everything was set, I was going to see Agnes that evening and make my move.

If she didn’t make one first…

At 6:27pm, I made my way up the stairs to Agnes’ front door and knocked.

The door swung open and she was wearing a tight-fitting pair of faded jeans and a white t-shirt with her midriff exposed. Her stomach was tight and smooth, the skin, milky white. The t-shirt made her large breasts explode into your line of sight.

She leaned forward and kissed my cheek, “Hey! You’re here! And you come bearing gifts!”

I’d grabbed the pizza, some salad, and brought over three bottles of red wine — subconsciously, I think I was so nervous that I was happy getting drunk.

I sighed, “I thought about bringing a dessert, but I didn’t have time to grab something. These reds are from a winery up in the Hunter that Jamie and I love called Brokenwood. We order a case of this blend every month or so.”

She smiled, showed me inside, and helped me put everything down, “I don’t know anything about wine. I just drink it. White and bubbles make me tipsy and stupid, red gets me drunk, so drunk it is!”

I laughed, “Red goes with pizza and it’s served at room temperature, everything else is just wine snobbery.”

She showed me into the kitchen, “I made a chocolate banana cheesecake for dessert, so it’s good you didn’t bring anything. Let’s eat before the pizza gets cold!”

We made our way out to the couch and she said we could eat there rather than at the dining table if I didn’t mind.

The apartment was beautifully decorated. It was tasteful and minimalist. Agnes told me that her sister had studied interior design at school and she decorated the place.

“Ok, Elizabeth… Today I did most of the talking, now I have questions for you.”

She asked about my work and my kids. We talked a bit about having children because the place, while minimalist, had a lot of pictures of her niece.

“Beth, I love her so much. I never really thought about babies, but I was in the delivery room when she was born and I held her right after my sister, even before her husband. Something clicked and instantly, I would have been willing to take a bullet for that little person without even thinking of it.”

She told me how hard it had been with the self-isolation not being able to hold her or smell her for the last two months, but now that things were getting back to normal, she was spending every spare minute with her sister and the baby.

I told her how my parents lived close by and the girls would play in their yard, but that the day when my mom could cuddle them again for the first time was probably the happiest that I’d ever seen her.

Agnes then asked about my marriage. I decided to tell her the whole story about Jamie’s injury and my sexual awakening. Part of me was worried about telling her, that this young woman would simply judge me, but I figured it was better to get it all out in the open.

As I told the story, we finished off the pizza, smashed through a bottle of red, and made quick work of the cheesecake she’d prepared.

Telling her about some of my sexual adventures, we were now partway through the second bottle of red wine and I could feel the warm flush in my cheeks. Less inhibition and more details were shared.

She sat there on the couch next to me, staring into my eyes and was deeply involved in the stories as I told some of them. Agnes would ask the odd question, but more than anything, she just seemed captivated in the telling.

“Oh my God, Beth… You’re such a free spirit. I love that. I wish I was as courageous as you and as sure of myself.”

I laughed, “Oh, I don’t know. Telling a strange woman that she’s hot when you first meet her is pretty brave.”

She blushed, “I was so embarrassed after I said that to you. I wanted to dig a hole and bury myself. For whatever reason, that was in my head, but somehow it came out of my mouth. I’ve never done anything like that before.”

I smiled and stroked her arm, “It’s ok! It was incredibly flattering. After two months of not having anyone see you as a sexual being, it was something I needed more than you can imagine.”

Agnes snorted, “Two months? I haven’t had sex in nine months! I doubt I’ll remember how everything works.”

I shook my head, “Nine months? But you’re so young and beautiful, people should be knocking down your door.”

She blushed slightly which was easy to see because of how white and fair her skin was, “When my boyfriend decided to leave, I made a clean break. Then with the cafe, my sister having the baby, and the virus… I dunno, there just never seemed to be a find a guy that I liked.”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed when she mentioned not being able to find a guy. My mind raced to the conclusion that what I thought was happening wasn’t going to happen.

Normally, I’m pretty aggressive, but Agnes was young and clearly not very experienced. I didn’t feel right making a pass at her in case she felt pressured or didn’t know how to reply. It was an awkward moment.

She looked up and over at me. She smiled, and put her hand on top of mine, “I’m glad I said it though because now you’re here.”

I laughed, “It’s not often a pretty young woman tells you that you’re hot, so you take what you can get!”

Agnes leaned over and put her hand on my cheek and stroked while the back of her hand ran against my hair, “Oh come on, Beth, I’m sure people tell you how sexy you are all the time.”

I decided to take my shot. I reached up, took hold of the back of her hand, turned it over slightly, and while staring into her eyes, I kissed the inside of her wrist gently.

Agnes moved towards me, her blue eyes locked on mine and she kissed me gently. Her lips were full and plump, but it was the softest kiss. I flicked my tongue over them and her tongue slipped out slightly to meet mine. I could taste the red wine on her.

She pulled away and sat back down, sighing as she did. She stared straight ahead, her eyes locked at a spot just above the television on the far wall.

“You ok, Agnes?”

I ran my hand over the back of her head allowing my fingers to slide through her luscious long blonde hair.

Her eyes closed slightly as I stroked her head, clearly, she was enjoying that.

“I’m fine… That was the first time I’ve ever kissed a woman. It was easier than I had expected. My head is spinning.”

I moved forward towards her, slid her hair back away from her neck, and kissed it several times gently. Agnes sighed and closed her eyes as my lips fluttered across her neck.

Finally, I whispered in her ear, “We don’t have to do anything more. We can just talk, or kiss, whatever you want. We can sit here, drink wine, and stroke each other’s hair. You tell me what you’re comfortable with.”

She opened her eyes, I could feel the goosebumps on her arm as I stroked it. Agnes turned towards me, kissed me with more intent, and then said, “I want to do more.”

The bedroom was warm and the only light in the room was coming from three or four candles that Agnes had lit after we’d moved in here from the living room two hours earlier.

I was naked on Agnes’ bed, covered in a fine, all body sweat, with my back arched upward moaning in delight.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I made this much noise during sex, but Agnes was pushing all the right buttons and I couldn’t contain myself.

She was down between my legs, utterly devouring my pussy. I didn’t realize, but she had a very long tongue and she was able to not just use it to pleasure my clit and labia, but she could snake it up inside the opening of my vagina which sent me into rapturous delight.

Agnes had buried a small, thin vibrator she had inside my ass to work alongside her thumb massaging my clit and tongue fucking my pussy.

After nearly three months of not being properly pleasured by another person, this was everything.

Inexperience did not show, Agnes threw everything she had into our sex. The entire time from the moment we entered her bedroom until this moment, was a constant blur of pleasure.

I was cumming again, literally lifting my body up off the bed as I cried out with delight and Agnes’ tongue touching me in just exactly the right way.

As my orgasm subsided, I removed the vibrator from my ass and pulled her up next to me where we kissed passionately. I could taste my juices on her lips and I licked at them to take it all in.

We laid on the bed, both sweating, giggling, and kissing.

The entire time we were naked and in bed together, there had not been a single break — we’d gone from me pleasuring her, to her pleasuring me, and back again, more times than I can remember and I’d lost count of the number of times I’d orgasmed at some point in the first half-hour.

I broke away from Agnes’ mouth and moved down, kissing her body. When we first got undressed and made our way into the bed, I discovered that Agnes was able to orgasm purely from having her nipples sucked.

Her natural D cup breasts were incredibly firm and even naked, they defied gravity — kissing and feeling her tits felt magnificent, but the energy that coursed through her body as I sucked her nipples was intense.

Agnes has large areola and her nipples were quite big when erect. It made it so easy to suck them and sweep my tongue around them.

After the first time she came from me sucking her nipples, her body arched and she thrashed wildly. I decided this time, I would control that and make her fight for her orgasm to intensify the sensation.

While pulling her nipple into my mouth, I moved on top of Agnes. We were similar in height, about 5'6", but she was maybe 10lbs heavier at somewhere around 150lbs — most of her additional weight to mine would have been purely in her tits. Agnes has a smaller waist than me and her ass was quite small, she just carried most of her weight in her chest.

That said, because I’ve spent so much time lifting weights, I‘m’ considerably stronger than her, so positioning myself on top of her while I pleasured her nipples with my mouth, I was able to basically pin her down beneath me.

After a few minutes of sucking and rubbing both of her nipples in turn, I could tell by her breathing and moans that she was close. Agnes was loud, she’s lucky she didn’t have neighbors.

When she came I leaned into her, holding her down as her body thrashed and her orgasm crashed over her. Every muscle in her body pressed upward against me and struggled to lurch wildly, but I held her in place.

She roared with delight, louder than anything else I’d heard from her to that point, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped for air.

Agnes cried out, “Ok! Stop for a second! My nipples are too sensitive!”

I released her right nipple from my mouth and her body relaxed, slumping onto the bed.

I gently traced my way down her beautiful, soft, flat stomach with kisses and my tongue. I could taste the salty sweat that covered both of us and it turned me on even more.

Sliding further down, my mouth made its way over her bare mound. Agnes had obviously done some grooming before I’d arrived earlier because her pussy was entirely naked of any hair or stubble at all.

With my mouth hovering over her clit and tongue brushing over her labia, Agnes sighed in a breathy voice, “Gentle Beth, I’m sensitive.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, I want you to make me cum more.”

I smiled and began to lightly suckle and flick her pussy with my tongue. I reached over to the side of the bed, grabbed a tube of lube, and put some on my index finger.

As I sucked and licked Agnes’ pussy, I gently slid my index finger inside her ass — instantly her body arched and she let out a loud groan of surprise and pleasure. I pressed my finger in slightly as it met resistance, but then when her sphincter relaxed, the sensation of feeling her ass suck my finger inside her arrived.

I fingered Agnes’ ass while I delicately and slowly sucked her pussy. She cried out with delight as the first orgasm came. I felt her ass clenching hard on my finger, spasming uncontrollably as the waves of pleasure hit her.

We didn’t stop, I continued to suck in her salty juices and brought her to another orgasm a few minutes later — again, her ass flexed uncontrollably on my finger.

Finally, Agnes tapped out, “Ok, we have to stop! I’m too sensitive.”

I gently removed my finger and slithered my way back up the bed next to her, kissing her smooth skin as I went.

She was entirely out of breath as I made my way up next to her. Her upper lip was covered in a fine sweat. I leaned in and slid my tongue over her lips and tasted the sweat.

We laid there embracing and kissing. We were both exhausted, but feeling her against my body was heavenly.

After a few minutes of kissing, I felt her hand cupping my breast, I turned onto my back and she moved over me slightly to continue kissing.

Agnes’ hand slowly slid down my stomach and over my vulva. She rubbed my clit softly with her flat fingers and we never broke our kiss.

Her fingers moved lower and she entered me with her index and middle finger — our tongues were dancing as we kissed, my legs spread slightly so that she could finger fuck me as much as she wanted.

It was slow, methodical, and gentle. I’d told her earlier in the evening about the sensitive bundle of nerves at the front wall inside my vagina and she managed to center her gentle rubbing right on the spot.

As we kissed deeply, our tongues intertwined, I came again with her fingers buried inside me, slowly and gently rubbing me to climax.

There was no extraneous noise or thrashing of bodies, we just kissed deeply as she brought me to an intense orgasm.

It was nearly 10:30pm when I made my way into Agnes’ shower to try and wash the sweat, lube, and sex off of myself before heading home.

Physically, I was drained. We’d had sex for nearly three hours without pause. Normally with men, there’s a refractory period where there’s kind of this natural break in sex while they recover a bit, but with women, other than getting a bit overly sensitive, this isn’t a problem.

And Agnes and I were both very thirsty for the sexual embrace of another person, so the session kind of took on a life of its own.

After a minute or two, she asked if she could join me in the shower which was not a problem, she had a massive double shower with two rainfall showerheads.

We chatted and soaped each other. To be honest, running soapy hands over her beautiful breasts and between her lovely ass cheeks, part of me wanted to pin her against the wall and pleasure her more, but I had to get home, it was getting late.

Agnes had the lushest towels I’d ever used. Drying myself in them felt like the height of luxury.

I mentioned it to her and she said, “I bought them at this place in the Northern Beaches, they re-opened last week because my sister went up there and bought some for the baby.”

Without thinking, I said, “Maybe next weekend, I can drive us up there and I can get some for my place. They’re lovely.”

I realized as soon as I’d said it, I’d opened a new door. Agnes and I had only met the day before and this was the first time we’d ever spent any time together. We didn’t have a conversation about “what next” or if we’d even see each other again. It may have been just a one-off thing, which would have been fine with me, but I had changed the trajectory of this relationship.

She smiled. I could tell that she was relieved that I wasn’t just her to “love her and leave her”. As I said, she has an expressive face, so I could see both happiness and relief her eyes when I suggested that we hang out like normal humans.

“That would be so amazing, Beth. I don’t drive, so I don’t get to go to places like that very often unless my sister or my aunt are going. Thank you!”

We made more small talk as I pulled on my jeans and got dressed while sitting on her bed. Agnes crawled back into bed naked and pulled up the sheets.

“It’s a pity you can’t stay. I’m going to sleep well now.”

I smiled at her as I pulled my t-shirt on, “That’s a tempting offer, but let’s be honest, we probably wouldn’t get much sleep.”

She laughed, “Probably not.”

I finished getting dressed and she hopped up to show me to the door. We exchanged a soft, deep kiss, as we said our goodbyes. I looked back up as I walked down the steps, seeing her naked shape in the doorway, waving at me, “Night, Beth… Thanks for coming!”

Saturday morning, I woke up late… It was well past 10am.

Jamie sent me a text message to say that he and the girls had gone for a bike ride and that there were pancakes in the oven for me if I wanted breakfast.

Agnes had sent me a message at 6:15am, it was was a picture of herself smiling, “I can’t wipe the grin off my face. Thanks again for last night.”

I was sore all over, inside and out. I’m sure the women reading this will know the feeling after you’ve had incredible sex and had every hole filled, that all over body ache the next day that’s both uncomfortable, but also makes you smile as you remember how you ended up in this situation.

I went and poured a bath for myself and turned on the jacuzzi jets to try and relax my body a bit.

As I laid in the bath, bubbles all around me, I thought about the night before and how much I’d needed that.

I grabbed my phone and sent Agnes a reply, “I’m in the bath, trying to relax my aching muscles. That was so good. I can’t believe that it was your first time with a woman.”

No reply came right away. I knew she was at work and probably busy with brunch rush — that’s a thing where we live on weekends at cafes.

A while later, I crawled out of the bath, my muscles feeling a bit less sore, I dried myself off and went into the room to get dressed.

Agnes replied, “I couldn’t believe how natural it all felt. You were patient and easy to be with which made it easy to just focus on having fun. I can’t wait until next time.”

Next time… Yes, next time.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

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Beth Singleton

Written by

Living life by my own rules to get the most out of every single day and become the person that I’ve always aspired to be.

Sexual Tendencies

Looking at Sex in All of its Human Glory

Beth Singleton

Written by

Living life by my own rules to get the most out of every single day and become the person that I’ve always aspired to be.

Sexual Tendencies

Looking at Sex in All of its Human Glory

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