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The G Spot: Benefits of Reading Fiction

Relax while sharpening your mind

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In university, I studied both short story fiction writing and journalism. Yeah, I know — they’re really the same. Jokes aside. I spent most of my career writing journalistic and marketing content.

Writing and reading fiction was off my radar. I didn’t bother. I absorbed the news every day.


I lost out on wonderful alternatives to my way of thinking.

I started writing fiction more than 10 years ago during a stressful time and I immersed myself in erotica.

Don’t miss out. Read fiction. Benefits include:

Reducing stress

Disengaging in stories so you sleep better

Fiction helps us “explore ideas of change, complex emotions and the unknown.” Buffer: The Surprising Power of Reading Fiction.

Dive into some of my latest fiction:

Craving Your Sting — the pain and pleasure of denial

Julie’s Erotic Dilemma this latest in my Julie stories

The Oh-So Naughty Submissive — 4 stories of topping from the bottom

The Oh-So Naughty Submissive with Her Cuck and Bull

The Oh-So Naughty Submissive Trains for the Bull Ring

The Oh-So Naughty Submissive Steps into the Bull Ring

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Happy Reading and I hope my stories give you a happy ending.



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