My IOS/Swift Specific Posts Roundup

Hello, I’ decided to create a roundup post for the my posts in specifically written for Swift. So, because it did published on my publication and also some posts are published to different publications, you can see them all-in-one.

Unidirectional Data Flow Architecture (Redux) in Swift

Better Routing for IOS Applications with Router in Swift

Styling Your IOS Application Using Chameleon with the reusable StyleManager in Swift

Handling Internet Connection Using Reachability With ReachabilityManager in Swift

Mapping and Parsing JSON Automagically with Alamofire and EVReflection

Reusable APIManager — Using Alamofire and EvReflection for IOS Applications in Swift


I’m getting lots of messages about “How can I start my career as IOS Developer”, “How can I become Senior level” etc. I draw a roadmap which approximately what I followed too.

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