Between Two Ferns

100 Pine Urban Garden

5 minutes from Embarcadero Station
Tucked behind the parking garage is a quaint urban oasis. Its profound seclusion from street view offers an underutilized spot for anyone to claim for themselves.

100 Pine Street


How to Access
Walk around the corner to Front Street, and pass the Chase Bank. You’ll find ramp opening in the back, next to the parking garage. At the top of the ramp, stairs to your right leads up to the garden.

This cleverly hidden park make it delight to find. Although it is at street level, it’s completely invisible from the sidewalk. Diffused light bounces between the commercial skyscrapers and stays cool through midday.

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100 Pine Urban Garden

“Sit next to the chef, he’s cool and will make specialty items for you so you get a fresh roll.” — Carey E.