Prehistoric Jungle

201 Mission Street

4 minutes from Embarcadero Station
Throw yourself back into a vibrant jungle of trees. Enjoy your lunch under the trees that have outlived the dinosaurs.

201 Mission Street

Always Open

How to Access
Walk to the corner of Mission and Beale. Before the entrance, verge to the right to find the garden. You’ll pass the stairwell that leads into open seating and benches.

The unusual shape of the building’s footprint creates a unique space in this public garden. The back connects to the parking garage. The flowers and ferns create a prehistoric version of San Francisco.

Don’t forget to bring lunch. Places nearby:

201 Mission Street

“Low carb breakfast burrito with chicken…if I could have this everyday, I would!” — Mohammed O.

“Meatball Mondays. Fried Chicken Fridays. That is all you need to know.” — Arash M.