Chinatown’s Best Secret

Empire Park

10 minutes from Montgomery Station
Bordering on Financial District and Chinatown is a secluded street-side nook. A white lattice shades above and the walls are covered in lush ivy and ferns.

648 Commercial Street


How to Access
Empire Park is on the north side of Commercial, between Montgomery and Kearny. There’s a single entrance on Commercial.*

Empire Park feels like an charming front-yard to a private urban residence. The sound of traffic is muffled due to it’s location Commercial Street alley.

“Nice to see Empire Park — the former site of Emperor Norton’s boarding house, the Eureka Lodgings — included in this roundup.” — John Lumea

Don’t forget to bring lunch. Places nearby:

Empire Park

“Bourbon Banana Cream Pie, Scotch Eggs and the Short Ribs are life changing!” — Joel C.
“Get the 5 spiced chicken and egg roll rice dish — ask for the egg on top!!!” — Victoria H.
“You make your own roll with great ingredients. then you take it out and eat it like a burrito.” — Santiago D.

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