Like Four Squares

Foundry Square

8 minutes from Montgomery Station
Intersecting roads in the middle of a plaza, divide this open space into four unique corners. Welcome to Howard and 1st — Foundry Square.

500 Howard Street

Always Open

How to Access
This plaza sits on four separate corners on Howard and 1st. Feel free to check out each unique public art sculptures.

Each corner features table settings, benches, and trees. They act as corner entrances to the Foundry buildings. There are food options in some of the open spaces.

Don’t forget to bring lunch. Places nearby:

Foundry Square

“Good quality food! Try the rice bowl with Kalbi style beef! Pork buns as a side is a must!” — William M.

“Garlic butter chicken banh mi is incredible.” — Sabina N.
“Awesome Chicken shewarmas.. reminded me of small street food outlets in India.” — Nrvirti J.

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