Transamerica Pyramid

Redwood Park

10 minutes from Montgomery Station
At the base of the most iconic tower in San Francisco is a redwood forest — a local landscape of Norcal’s towering trees.

600 Montgomery Street


How to Access
Walk around the base of the pyramid, and you’ll find metal gates for entrances on Washington or Clay Street.

Transamerica Redwood Park is one of the older public spaces, featuring a private garden that looks designed especially for the building’s tenants. The redwood trees are California’s state tree — the world’s tallest trees are appropriate to SF’s tallest skyscraper.

Don’t forget to bring lunch. Places nearby:

Redwood Park

“The lentil salad with arugula and tomatoes is the best” — Michelle P.
“The Burritos here honestly rival the quality of some Burritos in the mission.” — Jeremy S.
“They make each salad to order and have delicious fresh ingredients like seared Ahi and tangerine segments, etc.” — Exclusive Resorts

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