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California Corona Chronicles — From SF Bay Area, East Bay.

29 March, 2020

Cabin fever had set in by the forced seclusion, and we have gotten resigned to this new normal. After staying locked-in for the last 15 days since March 14, I ventured out of house for the first time with the car. I had taken solitary short walks and quick bike rides in the neighborhood. Weather was somewhat gloomy in the past couple of weeks with temperatures in the rainy mid-50s. The grocery stock were slowly running out. We did get two-or-three deliveries via online orders from Raleys, Costco and Bharat Bazar in the past two weeks+.

I rolled down the windows, the weather was perfect with mild breeze and sunny with a bit of grey clouds in the afternoon.

Clear day. Look ma, no cars!

All Clear!

We had called the Indian grocery store ahead. They had just started the online deliveries and it would take another 3–4 days to arrange the curb side pickup.

Indian Grocery Store.

There were only just two other customers. There was a solitary lady manning the front desk donned in a white face mask. One customer was in the vegetable aisle, and the second one disappeared quickly upon seeing me in the far scarier outfit of black hand glove and the black face mask. Even corona would be scared!

The grocery store shelves were packed as usual. All those toilet paper shortage memes are not a thing, at least here.

Prices haven’t gone up, I am told!

All the emotional support desi Parle-G’s one can eat in captivity — Check!

Am all set!

World has not changed, especially for the farm animals on the way.

An old age home in the neighborhood. A very high-risk group!

Old age home in the distance.

Went for a short bike ride in my neighborhood. The same route. More folks on the road. Perhaps as it is a Sunday holiday.

Some handymen working in the hood fixing someone’s TV, perhaps.

Empty parks as expected.

School park still fenced in…




Random Musings from a San Francisco Bay Area guy.

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