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SFCS alum, food stylist Nicole Twohy

Almost all food stylists are former chefs and/or have had formal culinary training — it’s a must in this industry. You really have to know how to work with and manipulate food to be successful at the job. You have to know how something will affect the food you’re working with in order to figure out how to get from point A (totally untouched food) to point B (what the client is asking for).

Edible Bouquet: crab apple, broccoli florets, baby artichokes, and flowering herbs

A lot of the times the challenge is how to make something look desirable, but not like it was made/plated by a professional. Everyone wants to lust after food that looks like they could actually make it!

Food styling is really based on an apprentice model and I’ve realized how important it is to work under the guidance of seasoned stylists and learn the ropes.



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