After months of hands-on training, workshops, and hard work, our culinary and pastry students get to show off their skills a little during Restaurant Week and Bakery Day.

For Restaurant Week, the class creates a menu of greatest hits from their time together. Dishes are composed and tweaked until they are just right, and then the prep work for the big day is organized and broken down — just like it would be in a real professional kitchen. Half the class works the line, the other half manages the front of house; then they swap places the next day. This is the ultimate exercise in timing and working under a bit of pressure for real diners. The perfect dry run before students ship off to their respective externships at restaurants across the city.

The pastry class has their own showcase in the form of an epic Bakery Day. Similar to Restaurant Week, they also work collaboratively on a menu, balancing impressive plated desserts, little sweet treats, and a few savory goods. They spend the week prior in production, create a game plan for when everything will get baked off or packaged, and then it all culminates in a celebration where friends and family get to taste the fruits of their labor.

Restaurant Week and Bakery Day are special days at the school. They are tangible representations of how far our students have come and we are so proud of them — the proof is on the plate!

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