Amit Arora
Mar 16 · 2 min read

I have come to like the Enhanced Profiled Views in Salesforce as of late. If you’re like me, you’ve probably googled “how to enable enhanced profile user interface

You’ve also most likely seen result ZERO in the featured snippets and tried to follow those directions. Here’s what you will find in the featured snippet.

Google search result — how to enable enhanced profile user interface

The problem is, this result is from 2015 (see highlighted). A lot has changed since 2015. There have been 11 releases since this article was last written. In software years — that’s like a lifetime!

So here’s the new way to Enable Enhanced Profile Views in your Org.

Step 1: Go to Setup > Type “User Interface” in the quick search

Setup > User Interface

Step 2: Check the box > Enable Improved Setup User Interface

Under the Advanced Tab you will find the option to Enable Improved Setup User Interface.

Now when you go back to profiles, you will be able to see the Enhanced View.


Tips and tricks for Salesforce Admins

Amit Arora

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Tips and tricks for Salesforce Admins

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