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Top 5 Chrome Extensions for Salesforce Admins

Being a Salesforce Admin involves a lot of clicking around. That’s the thing about a declarative CRM, clicks !code.

Thankfully there are a TON of extensions available in the Google Chrome Web Store to help make our job a little easier #awesomeadmin

Below I’ve listed my top 7 chrome extensions, in no particular order.

#01 — Quickly Login As

As the name suggests, Quickly Login as let’s you login as another user in an instant. You do have to give this extension permission to view your Salesforce data. So if your company is super paranoid about giving permission to 3rd party extensions then I would not recommend the use of this extension.

Once downloaded, you will see the little user icon in your chrome browser.

When you click the extension all your users will be listed. You can use the filter field to search for a particular user and then click the login button to sign-on as that user.


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#02 — Salesforce API Fieldnames

This is a neat little extension that lets you look at the API name of any field right on the page layout. It’ll save you a couple of extra clicks of going into setup and finding the API name.

I personally use this extension on a daily basis.

Once downloaded, you will see the little user icon in your chrome browser.

When you click on the icon you will be able to see the API Names of custom fields instead of going to setup > object to find that field name.

#03 — I’ve a Feeling We’re Not in the Sandbox Anymore

That is really the name of the extension! Sometimes it’s best to have the name do the talking. I have a feeling that this extension was developed by a hardcore developer. Because only a developer wouldn’t care too much about the name.

Anywho; once downloaded you will see the little user icon in your chrome browser.

Once you turn on the extension by clicking the little dog you will see a persistent yellow + black (taxicab) bar on the top of your production org. This is a distinct reminder, that you’re working in the production org , not a sandbox.

p.s. if you’re an admin who does everything in the production org only, then more power to ya!

#04 — Salesforce Admin Check All

Again, as the name suggests this extension provides a “Check All” button for Admins on admin pages.

After installing it from the app store look for the Checkbox icon in your chrome browser.

Now, if you go to any settings page where there are multiple checkboxes under a header column, you should be able to select all of them.

Profile>Object Settings>Accounts

#05 — Salesforce ID Clipper

I LOVE THIS EXTENSION! Prior to this extension, I had created a Casesafe.ID field on every object so that I can grab the 18 character ID. I don’t understand why Salesforce doesn’t just provide you with the 18 instead of the 15 digit ID. Oh well, there is an app for that! 😉

After installing it from the app store look for the Scissor icon in your chrome browser.

Now you can right-click on any record and see the option to get 15 or 18 character ID.


So there you have it. The 5 chrome extensions that I use on a day to day basis to help me become even more #awesome(super)admin


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Do you have a favorite chrome extension or productivity tip? Share it in the comments below!




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