Introducing the SF Deltas App 1.0

Innovation is one of the three pillars of the San Francisco Deltas, and we have committed to investing in technology to improve the fan experience. We launched our re-designed website in January in time for the beginning of our season, bringing a fresh perspective of what a sports team’s website should look like. But we want fans to access the SF Deltas experience wherever they are, and many of our fans are on the go. The San Francisco Deltas are happy to announce the official SF Deltas mobile app for Android and iOS.

The app is useful whether you are taking in a match live at Kezar Stadium or just want to keep up with the latest happenings of the team. From the home screen you can see the latest news and updates (did you know we just signed a new player?). The schedule and results allow you to keep up with the scores of the matches and buy tickets for the upcoming matches at Kezar. In-depth stats are available after all matches so you can read up on what you missed.

The SF Deltas app is also the perfect companion if you are attending a home game at Kezar Stadium. Kezar Stadium is a historic and beautiful stadium, but we realize it’s not the most technologically advanced venue. No Jumbotron? No problem. There is a Match Center accessible from the home screen that will display live text commentary and stats so you can keep up with the action. You can view the rosters and formations on the app as well. Games are around dinner time and we don’t want you to be hungry and miss any action. You can make your trip to the concession stands as efficient as possible. We rotate food vendors for every match, so familiarize yourself with the menus and figure out what you want to eat before you leave your seat!

The app also includes information about getting to Kezar Stadium and what to do once you get there. You can find information on the best ways to get to the stadium, whether it is by public transportation, bike, ridesharing with Lyft or driving. The app includes a map of the stadium so you can find your way around once you get there.

The SF Deltas app is the result of months of work between teams spread across four countries. While trying to coordinate between teams that are 9 hours apart is not the easiest experience, it has been phenomenal collaborating with our design team at Shapeshifters and engineers at Symphony. My job as a product manager has been easy when the rest of the team is excited about what they are building and have firsthand knowledge of what it is like to be a fan. It really speaks to the global nature of soccer and the passion and dedication of the people we collaborate with.

This is just the beginning with version 1. Fan feedback was instrumental in getting this app ready for launch. We welcome more feedback so we can provide the best experience in the future. Please reach out to with any ideas or feedback. We have more exciting features we want to pilot soon to enhance the game day experience. Stay tuned — we have exciting news to share soon!

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