Choose SFIL as Other Projects Ended Up Running Away with Investors’ Funds

SFIL--Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token
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2 min readJan 24, 2022


In the business world, all sustainable projects must be built on a mature business model. Otherwise, they won’t be able to survive in the long run. Lots of crypto projects ended up running away with investors’ funds because they failed to make both ends meet.

How to distinguish promising projects from rugs?

Take SFIL as an example. You should figure out how SFIL makes profits and guarantee investors’ rights before making investments. The essence of SFIL is the tokenization of crypto mines and hash power to share the same profit model with mines.

Two main sources of revenue:

1. SFIL selling

2. Service fees charged

When you buy hash power from providers, the price will rise by 20% to 30% upon its cost. Therefore, SFIL official will make a certain profit for selling a single SFIL token. Additionally, 20% of each SFIL’s daily mining revenue will be charged as service fees.


We sold a total of 2 million SFIL in a year. The mining efficiency of SFIL is 0.0002FIL/day and its sales price is $5. And we will retain 30% as the profit and charge 20% as the service fees. The FIL price here is $40.

The annual revenue of SFIL:

1. Sales of SFIL: 2 million*5*30% = 3 million USD

2. Service fee charged: 2 million*0.0002*20%*365*40=1.168 million USD

Total: 4.168 million USD

This is the profit model of SFIL, which is clear and sustainable. As SFIL’s sales volume and market scale continue to expand, SFIL’s revenue will also increase. Therefore, SFIL official and customers are interdependent.

SFIL will never run away with investors’ funds

We have reason to believe that any team with this profit model will succeed and always serve every investor well. Therefore, SFIL will never run away with investors’ funds.

The simplest way is to ask yourself a question: If you own a project with an annual income of 4 million USD, are you willing to run away with investors’ funds regardless of legal risks. Why do Binance and Coinbase never consider running away with investors’ funds? That’s because they have a clear profit model as we do.

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SFIL--Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token

SFIL Aims to Build a More Transparent, Efficient and Free Filecoin Mining Ecosystem. Deposit SFIL Into the Wallet and Get Free FIL Each Day.