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SFIL--Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token
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To celebrate the SFIL one-year anniversary, we held the 1st exchange meeting on Twitter Space on February 1, 2022. With CMO Alan as the host and Global Community Ambassador Hakan, Community Leader Kelvin Odanz as the guest, we also invited community representatives from numerous countries and regions, such as Germany, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Nigeria, etc. They all made a sharing on their personal investment experiences and understandings of SFIL.

Meanwhile, we picked up some lucky users from all those who have left Twitter comments and participated in Space online interaction. Now, they have received the rewards via airdrops.

Q1: What is SFIL?

Hakan: SFIL is the world’s 1st Filecoin hashrate token that can automatically mine and automatically produce Filecoin. Each SFIL corresponds to 0.01T Filecoin hashrate. As long as the user purchases SFIL, it is equivalent to purchasing the corresponding amount of Filecoin mining machine hashrate. Therefore, holding SFIL can produce Filecoin every day, Filecoin global cryptocurrency ranked in the top 30 by market value.

Q2: How SFIL works?

Hakan: The essence of SFIL is the Filecoin computing power that can be traded at any time. Each SFIL corresponds to 0.01T of Filecoin computing power. Its essence is Asset Securitization. Purchasing SFIL is equal to the income right of Filecoin computing power, so Filecoin can be produced daily. The SFIL Foundation holds more than 100P Filecoin mines worldwide, and the authenticity and ownership of these mines can be queried and verified on the blockchain. Therefore, when users purchase SFIL, they can get Filecoin every day without any effort or operation. And this income is permanent, a one-time income, and you can get income every year. The number of SFIL will increase. When SFIL officially holds more FIL computing power, additional SFIL can be issued at a fixed ratio of 0.01T for 1 SFIL, and SFIL has no effect on the price of SFIL in the secondary market, because every one SFIL all represent the same computing power, so the price will not be affected in any way.

Q3: Compared with other Defi and Gamefi projects, what are the advantages of SFIL?

Hakan: We believe that SFIL is different from 99% of cryptocurrencies. The core lies in two points:
A. The price of SFIL is anchored by assets, and there is no risk of modern currency prices returning to zero.
B. Regardless of the bull market or the bear market, regardless of the price rise or fall, holding SFIL will have stable mining income every day.
In the field of Crypto, the price of tokens has skyrocketed and then plummeted, and even the price has returned to zero from time to time. Most people’s investment capital is extremely risky. The price of SFIL has a very clear valuation model. 1 SFIL represents 0.01T Filecoin mining machine hashrate, and FIL hashrate has a market price. Then, the price of SFIL in the secondary market naturally fluctuates with the price of Filecoin computing power.

Therefore, although the SFIL price fluctuates, it will never return to zero. This is a feature that 99% of cryptocurrencies do not have. Not only that, no matter what the price is, SFIL is like a cow, bringing a lot of mining income to those who hold it every day.

Like all tokens, SFIL also has price fluctuations. However, the biggest difference is that if the price of other cryptocurrencies plummets, your investment principal will immediately shrink, and SFIL can be used every day regardless of how the price fluctuates. Investors produce Filecoin, and users can sell these Filecoins at any time to get a return. The above two points are the most important investment value of SFIL.

The Crypto field is an industry with extremely high investment risks, and smart investors will not gamble. We can put out 10%-30% of the funds to make some high-risk investments, but most of the funds should be placed on stable investment assets, so that we can be guaranteed. Never leave the cryptocurrency table. Therefore, stable cryptocurrencies like SFIL should be the first choice of most cryptocurrency investors.

Q4: What is SFIL’s current return on investment?

Hakan: The annual return rate of SFIL mining can reach 50%-150%, and SFIL itself can also be traded at any time. Suppose you spend $1,000 to buy SFIL, and the daily output of Filecoin can allow you to recover all the investment principal in 7–12 months. Then, Filecoin can be mined every day. Compared with many traditional financial products with an APR of only 8%, SFIL has obvious advantages.

Q5: People can continuously get free FIL as long as they hold SFIL in the official wallet. How do you guys suppose to fulfill perpetual mining?

Hakan: The cost of the FIL hash rate comprises tokens staked and GAS fees (90%) and mining machine costs (10%). When you bought SFIL, it has already included those two parts. When the mining machines that SFIL is backed up need to be repaired or upgraded, SFIL officials will disclose to all community members in the form of a third-party audit report and provide consistent mining services. The upgrading fees will be covered by custody fees charged from your daily mining revenue. Therefore, you can continuously get free FIL as long as you hold SFIL in the official wallet.

Q6: Could you please help analyze the price trend of SFIL?

Hakan: As we all know, SFIL is pegged to authentic Filecoin(FIL) hash rate. The value of the FIL hash rate comprises tokens staked and GAS fees (90%) and mining machine costs (10%). Therefore, the price of SFIL will be higher as long as FIL’s price rises. As long as you hold SFIL in the official wallet, you’ll get free FIL each day. If you’re optimistic about FIL’s future, then you should never turn a blind eye to SFIL.

Q7: I have held $SFIL for almost one year. What’s your plan next year?

Hakan: Honestly speaking, SFIL has achieved numerous preset goals in 2021.
2021 Q1
1. Encapsulated 60P Filecoin hash power and launched onto the secondary market, which has prepared sufficient hash power assets for the first round of SFIL issuance.
2. Completed testing and launching of SFIL products.
2021 Q2
1. Launched SFIL Stars Program (Mainland China) and recruited 50+ ambassadors.
2. Obtained 2000+ loyal holders.
2021 Q3
1. Recruited 100+ ambassadors.
2. Obtained 5000+ loyal holders.
3. Launched SFIL 2.0 and ushered in the DeFi era.
2021 Q4
1. Launched SFIL on BSC and got it listed on Pancake Swap.
2. Launched SFIL Global Stars Program.
3. Started to build operations centers in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and the Americas.
In 2022, the main targets for SFIL are as follows:
1. Obtains 50000+ loyal holders.
2. Recruits 500+ ambassadors
3. The hash power asset issued by SFIL exceeds 50P.
4. SFIL will build the world’s largest hash power financial service platform.
5. Airdrops governance tokens to early holders and ambassadors.
6. Adopts DAO governance.
7. Enriches the ecosystem by introducing BTC and other hash power assets.
8. Promotes SFIL to more people in third world nations.
9. Issues Filecoin FVM smart contract and uses FEM smart contract to manage assets.
10. Integrates Gamefi and other hash power assets into the ecosystem.

Q8: Web3 and metaverse is the main topic for this year. Does SFIL have plans to join this? Any big marketing or cex listing for Q1 2022?

Hakan: SFIL, Filecoin’s hashrate token, has already been a crucial part of the construction of Web3 ecosystem infrastructures. Filecoin’s mission is “to create a decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity’s information.” Dubbed a paid version of IPFS, it creates a free market to bridge between storage users and crowd sourced storage providers.

Filecoin is the vital infrastructure for Web3.0 and the Metaverse, and the decentralized storage field will continue to receive more public attention in the long run. Filecoin will launch FVM in 2022 and it will become the underlying blockchain with a prosperous ecosystem like Ethereum and Solana. All in all, FIL will continue to bring good news for us.

In February 2021, SFIL was listed on Additionally, we launched its DApp on BSC and it was available for trading on Pancake Swap in November 2021. To accomplish the above-mentioned goals, SFIL will continue to launch more marketing campaigns in the days to come. Please stay tuned!

Q9: What is your biggest opportunity for growth for this project?

Hakan: SFIL is endowed with a mature and stable business model, which has laid the foundations for future development. The essence of SFIL is the tokenization of crypto mines and hash power. Therefore, SFIL has the same profit model as mines.

Two main sources of revenue:
1. Sales of SFIL
2. Service fees charged

As SFIL’s sales volume and market scale continue to expand, SFIL’s revenue will also increase. More growth opportunities lie in the development and governance of the platform. With the development of SFIL’s global market, SFIL will readjust its operations strategy after obtaining a certain amount of users. Currently, SFIL is dedicated to tokenizing Filecoin’s hash power. In the future, SFIL will tokenize BTC hash power, ETH hash power, and others. In other words, SFIL will be able to represent more types of hash power in the days to come.

Additionally, we believe that GameFi and Metaverse will also generate numerous types of stable hash power assets. Those assets and other assets with a relatively stable income can all be transformed via SFIL. This is the most charming part of SFIL. Hold SFIL and you can get various types of hash power revenue including BTC, ETH, FIL, Gamefi, Metaverse, etc. in the future. That’s truly awesome, isn’t it? Therefore, SFIL will become a platform that supports various types of hash power assets. SFIL will take advantage of DAO to become the world’s largest decentralized hash power financial service platform. At that time, SFIL will also issue governance tokens to empower DAO. Just like many giant crypto platforms, SFIL will airdrop its governance token to early holders and ambassadors. The airdrop would be worth tens of thousands of or even hundreds of thousands of USD.

Star Program

Currently, SFIL has built communities in multiple countries and regions. Additionally, community representatives from some regions even made a sharing on their personal SFIL investment experiences. Apart from getting stable daily returns via Filecoin mining, you can also get extra bonuses by inviting more new users.

As of now, we’ve recruited 100+ ambassadors worldwide. If you want to win up to millions of USDT, don’t hesitate to join us!

How to get SFIL?

Any decentralized wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain can open this dapp.

Copy this link to open the wallet, click to buy hashrate, it will automatically jump to pancakeswap, use USDT to buy SFIL directly.

Successfully purchased SFIL will automatically store the wallet address. SFIL does not need to be pledged or locked. After depositing T+1, every day at 19:00 Singapore time, open the Dapp and you can see the mined Filecoin.

If you buy SFIL on January 1, you will get FIL on January 3 at 19:00 Singapore time.

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SFIL--Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token

SFIL Aims to Build a More Transparent, Efficient and Free Filecoin Mining Ecosystem. Deposit SFIL Into the Wallet and Get Free FIL Each Day.