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The smartest investors are always excelled in finding underestimated high-quality assets

Warren Buffett, also known as the master of stocks, seldom buys and sells stocks. Instead, he is good at discovering those underestimated stocks and mass purchased immediately. Their prices will skyrocket with a broader recognition and he has made tons of money.

This principle also holds water for the crypto market. Unfortunately, most of the tokens don’t have a clear valuation model. Therefore, it will be easily affected by the market mood. As for users, they can only buy and sell based on historical data. Additionally, it is fairly hard for other tokens to verify the accuracy of their valuation.

If a token was pegged with valuable assets. What about its valuation model? Will it be clear enough to calculate?

For example, GBTC issued by famous crypto investment company Grayscale Investment Trust was 100% pegged with BTC. When the price of GBTC is way lower than that of BTC, is it a good chance to buy some?

The answer is definitely ‘Yes’. However, it’s hard to find that kind of token in the crypto field. If you happen to find one, congratulations!

Now, we’ve got a promising token which was called SFIL.

SFIL is the world’s first Filecoin hashrate token which can be used to automatically mine FIL. Each SFIL is pegged to 0.01T Filecoin hash power. In other words, you can receive the mining revenue of 1T Filecoin hash power as long as you hold 100 SFIL.

To conclude, SFIL is a token issued to peg with Filecoin hash power assets.

Unlike most other tokens, SFIL’s price can be calculated at once.

How to calculate?

According to the basic principle of economics, the price will fluctuate along with the value.

1 SFIL = 0.01T Standard Filecoin Hash Power. Therefore, SFIL’s price should never be lower than the cost of 0.01T Filecoin Hash Power.

How to calculate the cost of Filecoin hash power?

Filecoin Hash Power Cost = Mining Machine Cost + FIL Charged for Encapsulating Hash Power

The mining machine cost of 1T hash power is around $250. The amount of FIL charged for encapsulating hash power will mainly fluctuate along with the change of the Filecoin network. You can check all these data out on Filecoin blockchain explorer.

As you can learn from the chart, it took 4.74 FIL to encapsulate 1T Filecoin hash power. Let’s say the current price of FIL is $33, so the overall cost is:

Cost for 1T hash power = $250 + 4.74 * $33 = $406

1 SFIL equals 0.01T Filecoin hash power. Cost for 1 SFIL: $4.06 ($406 / 100)

Surprisingly, the current price of SFIL is only about $3, which was seriously underestimated. In other words, you can buy SFIL with 25% off. Once the price bounces back, you can get an ROI of 25%.

As for the reasons, it is due to the fierce fluctuation of the crypto market. Recently, we’ve witnessed the plummet of numerous cryptos, including FIL. When the market is full of negative moods, SFIL’s price will be at a negative premium.

According to the statistics from mainstream hash power trading platforms, the average price of Filecoin hash power per T is $500. You’ll be charged 20% more upon the hash power cost because all those providers want to maintain a reasonable profit margin.

As you can learn from the image below, the price of Filecoin hash power is $500 per T on BitDeer.

Likewise, the price of SFIL in the secondary market should be $500 / 100 = $5

The current price of SFIL is $3, then the negative premium rate has reached 40% if we calculate it in this way. If you buy SFIL now, then you can get an ROI of over 40%.


  1. The safest way of investment is to find those underestimated assets and wait for a perfect moment to sell for cash.
  2. Unlike 99% of other cryptos, SFIL has a clear valuation model.
  3. SFIL was seriously underestimated and we can now buy it with 25%-40% off. It’s a once in a blue moon opportunity to invest, what are you waiting for?

Gateway to Financial Freedom:

1. SFIL is now available on Pancake swap. The smart contract address: 0x965b85D4674F64422c4898C8F8083187f02B32C0

2. Download and install crypto wallets that support Binance Smart Chain. Visit dapp.sfil.i and give it a try.

3. If you bought SFIL on January 8, you’ll receive free FIL as the mining revenue at 19:00, January 10 (UTC+8).



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