Ways to Verify the Authenticity of SFIL’s Self-owned Filecoin Hash Power

SFIL--Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token
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2 min readJan 24, 2022


To verify whether SFIL has authentic hash power backings, you can turn to:
1. The data of disclosed hash power nodes
2. The immutable transfer records on the blockchain

All these can be viewed on Filecoin’s official blockchain explorer. Each Filecoin hash power node has a fixed owner account, and the owner account will periodically transfer a certain amount of FIL to the fixed financial account as the petty cash for expenditures. When withdrawing FIL from SFIL’s DApp, you can check the records out on the blockchain. By verifying that FIL is paid from SFIL’s specified financial account, you can get to know whether SFIL has authentic hash power backings or not.

As we all know, only the owner account can control the Filecoin nodes. If your FIL earnings are transferred from the financial account specified by the owner account, you can tell who the owner is.

SFIL Nodes Disclosed:




Those three nodes own 50P+ hash power and the number is increasing with each passing day.

Owner Account of the Above-mentioned Nodes: f3qh4ekdv6dofundeixd4jp2dwxw5drotylqpqqpjofe2lcnwgqksqxmzdeazuw7ih6jtmlrgmberc3vvf3qkq

(The owner account is the sole proof for the mode owner. It is similar to the secret key of digital assets, only the owner of the nodes can keep the owner account.)

Address of SFIL’s Financial Account: f1niddi3y2nknhlzyt5x6n7rmkzrlyrol6h4he4oa

(As for Filecoin nodes, they normally will never directly transfer tokens to users through the owner account. Instead, they will transfer tokens from the owner account to the specified financial account first, and then transfer them from the financial account to users who have submitted the withdrawal request.)

You can try to withdraw FIL in the official SFIL wallet and take a look at the transaction hash. By checking txid, you can get to know whether your FIL is transferred out from a specified account.

(Transfer Record From Owner Account To Financial Account)

All nodes and information shown above are accessible on Filecoin blockchain explorer. Explorer Link: https://filfox.info/en

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SFIL--Filecoin Standard Full Hashrate Token

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