JS Conference 2017: Talking Technology

Dec 12, 2017 · 4 min read

Last Saturday has been quite a day for Armenia’s JS community as over 700 JavaScript professionals gathered for the country’s first ever #jsconf. 19 JS professionals presented the network with 20 JS-inspired interactive talks. The organizers say tickets were limited: this year they received over 1400 requests for participation!

Among the speakers two SFLians were there to present talks: lady-in-tech Lilit Tadevosyan, with her “Await”-ing for New Features of Modern “Async” JavaScript” talk and JS Ninja Gagik Arustamyan with his “Browser Rendering Engines: the Road from Code to Pixels” talk.

A bit about JS Conference Armenia

JS Conf Armenia took place on December 9 in AUA, as a networking and knowledge-sharing event aimed at enlarging the JavaScript developers’ community in Armenia.

The conference presented the attendants with a number of JavaScript-oriented tech talks, as well as practical workshops and Q&A sessions. As the most common development language today, JS needs more exposure to attract the creative and talented minds of the future.

A bit about JS talks from Lilit and Gagik

We asked Lilit and Gagik to share some of their impressions and insights about the conference.

How was the idea of participating in JS conf conceived?

Lilit: As interviewers for SFL’s JavaScript developer positions, Gagik and I meet many JS professionals and get to understand which aspects of JS are uncovered by over 80% of specialists that we meet. These aspects being cornerstones of frontend development, we thought they need more coverage and exposure.

As I was preparing my talk, I wanted to motivate developers to stay up to date with the current trends and changes in JS technology and master them on a personal level.

Gagik: Interviewing many professionals gives you the advantage of knowing exactly what knowledge is missing. Participating in JS Conf was a good way of pushing Armenia’s young professionals to learn more to be able to achieve more in the future.

What did your topics cover?

Gagik: My topic was an attempt to uncover browser as a platform and as a tool for which we write our applications. I dived into how that platform works and what are its components and features. My main target was to help developers write smarter code keeping in mind how that code would eventually work.

Lilit: My talk was built around one of the most critical JS topics: ECMAScript and its development and changes in the last 2 years. I wanted to shed some light on how developers can get to know these changes and put them into practice in their day-to-day work. I concentrated on using the code in production, how to write code that complies with ECMAScript new features and changes and is supported by browsers in accord with old and new standards.

What’s your impression of JS Conf?

Gagik: It was really cool to share knowledge and network. I am looking forward to future sessions, hoping that they will add interactivity and will also emphasize knowledge sharing from the listeners.

Lilit: When it comes to conference speeches, it’s pretty clear to me that you can’t cover a huge topic in just one hour. What I did was introduce the core part and fuel the participants’ interest to go and reveal the huge depth of JS topics on their own, and to reach out with questions. That’s a goal I consider achieved.

What is the future of JS in Armenia?

Lilit: Given the interest I had a chance of witnessing during JS Conference 2017, I’d say I’m pretty optimistic. I didn’t expect to see such a number of young professionals together with their more experienced peers come and try to reveal the current trends of JS to stay top game. This gives me a feeling that we are bound to have more high quality professionals in the near future.

Gagik: I have to cite the Atwood’s Law presented by Tim Berners-Lee here: “any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript”.

As the number of apps written in JS grows, the interest and demand for JS developers grows in the market, creating a buzz. I think more complicated applications will be written in JS that will require more profound knowledge and a bigger number of JS gurus to stand up to the challenge!

As we finished our talk, Gagik and Lilit stated that the organizers promised JS Conf will come back next year, becoming an annual event for Armenia’s tech specialists to partake. Let’s hope it brings together an even greater number of JS pros, and if you are one, remember that SFL is hiring!

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Armine Hakobyan is a content writer with a heart for technology and innovation.

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