Calling All Civic Innovators!

“The need for innovation in government has never been greater, and we must work with our greatest resource — our human capital — to find new solutions to old challenges.” — Mayor Edwin Lee

The Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation (MOCI) is opening a call for two new Mayor’s Innovation Fellows. MOCI champions new ideas and approaches that make our City government more accountable, accessible and responsive to the residents of San Francisco. This novel one-year program looks to utilize entrepreneurial minds from all sectors to help San Francisco tackle challenging civic issues. During the fellowship year, Fellows will have an opportunity to manage projects in the following focus areas:

Open Data Standards for Social Services. San Francisco is a national leader in making valuable government data more easily accessible to the public. Past work in open data includes: LIVES Health Inspection Data Standard, House Facts Building Inspection Data Standard, SF Open Law.

Entrepreneurship in Residence (EIR). EIR is a voluntary, sixteen-week collaboration to bring together the private sector with City departments. Through this program, participants explore innovative solutions to civic challenges that can lower costs, increase revenue, and enhance productivity for our City. Learn more:

Workforce Innovation. MOCI is working with the Office of Economic and Workforce Development to develop new prototypes that create work and entrepreneurship opportunities for low-income San Francisco residents.

Innovative Finance. To support Mayor Lee’s priorities in workforce development, housing, public health and human services, the City is analyzing how innovative finance mechanisms and data-based decision-making models could enable greater effectiveness of preventative services.

Living Innovation Zones (LIZ). LIZ links private and non-profit partners with the City to sponsor the installation of innovative exhibit spaces that make science and technology more accessible to the public. The City is making an effort to simplify the permitting process to give creative people and entrepreneurs a venue to test new ideas while bringing fun and activity to the sidewalks. Learn more:

Innovation Month. Held in October, Innovation Month is both a celebration and a call to action to highlight the City’s need to further embrace technology and innovation in order to catalyze greater job creation, community engagement and government efficiency. Innovation Month spotlights organizations and entrepreneurs that make up today’s generation of disrupters, thinkers, and builders. More on last year’s activities:

Eligibility Criteria

The program is designed primarily for individuals with 5–8 years of private-sector experience in technology and innovation fields.

Applicants from all majors and academic disciplines will be considered and are encouraged to apply. Fellows are expected to possess the following characteristics: (i) academic achievement, (ii) written and oral communication skills, (iii) leadership potential and ability, (iv) dedication to public service; and (v) an entrepreneurial spirit appropriate for participating in this unique program. Preference is given to applicants who can demonstrate a strong connection to innovation and technology in the public sector as well as to the City and County of San Francisco.


Fellows will be paid a fixed salary of approximately $52,000-$65,000 per year plus standard health benefits and vacation days for a period of one year.

How to Apply

To apply, please complete the following form below. The deadline to apply is August 22, 2014. The program start date is September 15, 2014.



The Office of Civic Innovation helps make government more collaborative, inventive, and responsive for San Franciscans.

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