Fall 2017: Week 9

by ann

It’s been one week since the 2017 fall semester students finished their 10 weeks at SFPC. Fueled by family dinners and home-brewed coffee, students pulled late nights to finish their podcasts, zines, recoded sketches, and final projects (whew!) in time for the showcase.

Day 1: Recoded with Zach

Zach spent most of the morning in 1:1 sessions with students discussing their projects. Afterwards, he did a live coding introduction to Framebuffer Objects (fbos). A helpful analogy is to think of the FBO as an offscreen canvas where you can draw textures or objects, which you can later draw on screen.

ann puts FBOs to good use for her recoded project
Getting 1:1 help and looking serious about code
Family dinner!

Day 2: Podcast!

Students spent the day working on their podcasts for Morehshin’s class, The Radical Outside. Students were given free reign to interpret their podcast topics, which included Futurism, Manifestos, Piracy and Digital Colonialism, and Art/Resistance/Protest. Some groups took an academic approach, while others used creative writing and sound to explore their topic.

As most groups were finished writing and recording their podcast content, the day was largely spent on editing. With help from Morehshin and Prince, students finalized their podcasts in time for the weekend’s showcase.

Colin interviews Melanie and Ying for the podcast

Roy Macdonald, a SFPC student from the class of 2013 and all around OpenFrameworks guru, arrived from Chile to help with the recoded project presentation.

Roy and Amit talk code

Day 3 & 4: Install, install, install

Wednesday and Thursday were all about getting the projects up and running in the space. Over the weekend, Lauren met with each student to discuss their final showcase project and put together a floorplan for the final showcase. With Lauren’s guidance, students got to work prepping the space and getting their projects ready for display.

top: Colin and Zach check out the midi controls bottom: Niklas and Matt J. start installing

Students painted, prepped, sawed, drilled, hung, and did lots and lots of testing.

Qiao tries out her karaoke installation

But there was still time for family dinner!

Day 5: Finishing touches & opening night

In just two short days, students and staff transformed the space from a classroom and studio to a gallery.

The show was a group effort with students working alongside staff, TAs, and alum. It was really clear in this final week that SFPC is not just a school, but also a community and family. It was great to see so many alum and friends of the school come out to the showcase, and to share the magic of the class of fall 2017.

Matt J. loads his good luck charm with good intentions
Amit’s manifesto performance
A visitor listens to podcasts
April transports visitors to an almost reality

And more photos and videos from week 9 and the showcase!

Week 9 video
Ying‘s entangled instruments
Guillermo gives an intimate private performance
ann explains her blood battery
Matt J’s selfie stick surprises and delights
Stacy watches a visitor try her line portrait

And that’s a wrap for SFPC fall 2017 student showcase!

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