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SFPC Teaching as Art Summer 2020 Showcase

For the last ten weeks, a group of learners met every week for Teaching as Art class at the School for Poetic Computation. For our final project, we are presenting workshops, experiences, and explorations.

Teaching, learning and unlearning can be a way to make sense of the unsettling world, to build a web of care and accountability and create micro-institutions for larger, social change.

Please join us for a series of online, free workshops.

Teacher: Taeyoon Choi
Teaching Assistant: Ashley Jane Lewis

To register, please click on the student names.

August 21, 2020 EST

2 PM — Introduction to Modular Synthesis using VCV Rack: Jonathan Foote
3 PM — You’re a Puppet Who Sings: Christina Jenkins
7 PM — Daal: The Staple of South Asia: Ahad Mahmood
10 PM — Rhyme Wright: Hip-Hop Lyricism and Creative Constraints: Brendan Schlagel

August 22, 2020 EST

12 PM — Bound Together: Elaine Lopez
1 PM — Following the Fun: Exploring Play through Improv: Elana Tee
2 PM — (un)Love: A Workshop Miaoye
3 PM — Post-haste: Sophie Rogers
4 PM — “Type Faces”: Ingo Raschka
5 PM — Tending Digital Memory: Diane Lee
6 PM — The Fabric of Self Care: Exploring the Mind Body Connection: Teresa
7 PM — Welcome to the Neighborhood!: Mapping Zoomspace: Jayme Yen
8 PM — Haiku and the Act of Listening: Ryan Patterson
9 PM — Adventure: Daniel Jackson
10 PM — Hidden Flowers: Andrew Kerr
11 PM — Recording Space: Masha Kouznetsova

August 23, 2020 EST

10 AM — Drawing with Grids and Patterns: Lynne Yun
11 AM — Listening to Care: Flor Salatino
12 PM — Distance Yearning: A Walking Tour And Zine Making Workshop: Kat Shannon
1 PM — The Design of Everyday Inequities: Maggie Delano
2 PM — Intentional Gaze: Making Collaborative Portraits: Mengwen Cao
3 PM — Recess: Juan Villanueva
4 PM — The snake and the mouse: Hannah Knights
5 PM — Sound, Noise, and Society: The History of Black Sound: Alexis Caudle
6 PM — Milpa & Mutual Aid: Lluvia Nisaye
7 PM — Cellar Door: Tanya Rubbak
8 PM — Languages, Codes, and Secret Message: Alex Pines
9 PM — Photographic Knitting Club: Rosalie Yu
11 PM — Drawing on Interfaces / Zooming into Zoom: by Tara Kelton

The classes will take place in SFPC’s zoom account. A link will be provided upon registration.

Friday cohort
Saturday class

For questions, please write teachingart@sfpc.io



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