Spring 2018: Week 9 (Showcase week!)

May 6, 2018 · 3 min read

by yeli

Day 1: Recording podcast for Morehshin’s class!

Students spent the day working on their podcasts for Morehshin’s class, The Radical Outside. Throughout the semester we’d been recording responses to the topics of the week which included Manifestos, Digital Colonialism, Art Activism, Surveillance and Speculative Futures. We spent the day listening to the recordings and figuring out how best to curate the podcast content.

Day 2 & 3: Build and install

Wednesday and Thursday were all about building our projects and installing them in the space. Over the weekend, Lauren met with each student to discuss their final showcase project and put together a floorplan for the final showcase. With Lauren’s guidance, students got to work prepping the space and getting their projects ready for display. SFPC student Syd wrote a post about their final project — making tracings of websites foundational to people’s experience with gender or sexuality.

Working on final projects!

Day 4: Finishing touches & opening night

By Friday, students and staff had transformed the space from a classroom and studio to a gallery.

We clean up nice!

The show opened in the evening. Students eagerly stood by their pieces and talked about their process and ideas to guests. Over the course of the weekend alumni, past and current teachers and TAs stopped by. While the students were the center of attention, the showcase wouldn’t have been possible without the staff, teachers, TAs and alumni who kindly offered feedback, guidance and support.

Here are some of the projects:

Fame’s remembering piece
Syd’s archive of websites that have played a formative role in people’s conception of their gender and sexuality
Rachel’s piece
Eunsun’s Hunting mouses project
Riley’s depression dial
Sean’s audiovisual album

And you can see the rest on the SFPC instagram!


School for poetic computation

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