The Beginning of the Beginning

I’m three days in to SFPC and it’s already shaping up to be something special. As part of the application, we were asked to answer three questions:

1. What do you want to learn?
2. What do you want to make?
3. What do you want SFPC to be?

These questions came up again on the first day of class, and they’re coming up again now. Each time I think about it, I think my answers have mutated and evolved.

I want to learn about my own process. I wonder a lot about the ‘why’ of making something. Why does this thing need to exist, why make it, why now, why you, why. And I want to learn to let go of that and be okay with making something just because I want to make it. I struggle with motivation and often analyze myself into paralysis.

I want to make hardware and installations and objects. I want to create moments that people share and remember. I want to tell people secrets and give them something special.

I want SFPC to be special, to convince me that it is okay to make things, to motivate me, to inspire me, to teach me, to challenge me, and perhaps most importantly to humble me. I want to find friends and mentors and collaborators and I want to earn my place among them.