Touch the Water of Luck at this 13.8 Metre-Tall Fountain in Singapore!

Splish, splash! Hear the loud thud of the water as it falls from a great height, at a high velocity. Welcome to the Fountain of Wealth (财富之泉) located in the heart of the city, within Suntec City Mall. In 1998, this 13.8m-tall fountain has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Largest Fountain which can shoot up to 30m.

For those who are familiar with this fountain, do you know what the bronze ring signifies? It represents oneness among all races and religions in Singapore, and was inspired by the Hindu Mandala.

Credit: Janene Laird

This is blueprint of Suntec City, with the architectural design revolving around fengshui. Never knew that, right?

Water symbolizes wealth in the Chinese culture. If you realise, the fountain’s water actually flows inward. Why so? That symbolises the retention of wealth and also symbolises riches pouring in. It is said that good luck will be bestowed upon those who circle the fountain three times, with the hand on the water at all times.

Credit: The JS Arena

Of course, for the not-so-superstitious, you will find the fountain amazing too! At night, the spectacular laser performances will leave you in awe and you will find yourself bobbing along to the live songs. Besides that, you can dedicate laser messages to your loved one, projected on the dancing water, for free. Yes, you didn’t read that wrongly. It’s FREE and this usually requires a sum — how cool is that?! This fountain is certainly like no other.

You may not know that the Fountain has been featured like The Amazing Race and magician Cyril Takayama’s show! Get down to the Fountain of Wealth and be impressed by the dazzling display of the waterworks!

Credit: Travel Ideas

How to get there:

Suntec City’s Fountain of Wealth

Address: 5 Temasek Boulevard (restaurant area at the Basement of Suntec City Mall)

Opening hours

Touch-Water Sessions: 10am — 12pm | 2pm — 4pm | 6pm — 7.30pm

Laser Performance: 8pm-9pm

Laser Message Dedication: Proceed to Basement 1 of Suntec City, around the Fountain area. There is a DJ console area.