a time to be silent… by Fellow Traveler

originally written sometime in 2014–2015, when I was diagnosed with cancer and a dear old friend died — my gratitude to cowbird. Archived at SGHolland Vault on medium.com 2017


I’ve been quiet for a while. It is a time to be silent for a lot of reasons. I lost someone very close this week. I have some worrying surgery coming up very soon. I’ll not be able to type after the surgery for a while. And if any one here prays to God, I would like them to touch base with Him on my behalf. I’m not afraid, really. I’m sad to the core for the loss of my friend.

I have a good prognosis and excellent team of doctors and caregivers. The hardest thing for me is being quiet, as many of you know. But this is that time.

More anon! With an enormous gratitude for my friends on Cowbird. You are something rare and precious. Susan

Originally published at cowbird.com.