Go Digital: 5 Ways Technology Can Help Your Business

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Sep 27, 2017 · 4 min read

Your business is facing issues you suspect technology can resolve, but not sure where to start? The Infocomm Media Development Authority’s (IMDA) has compiled a list of pre-approved digital solutions that other SMEs have tried — and you can now get them at a subsidised rate as part of the agency’s SMEs Go Digital programme.

What are you waiting for? Here are 5 examples of how some of these solutions can give your business a boost.

1. Better understand your customers

Where in the store should you place your popular product? Use concrete data collected from a video analytics system to ensure you are strategically using every inch of your retail space for maximum profit. Such systems allows you to map customer movements in stores to identify the ‘hot spots’ where you should place key products to improve your sales. They can also help you identify the profile of your customers and the products they interact with the most. Besides helping you get your products off the shelves, these software can also monitor the store’s traffic flow at various time intervals, helping you figure out how to better schedule your staff and reduce labour costs.

Prism Skylabs Version 2.5 from Ishikawa Consultancy Pte Ltd
MEVO DMS Version 8.3 from MEVO Pte Ltd

2. Manage a mobile workforce with ease

Wish you can split yourself across different locations to oversee every one of your workers? Now you can, virtually. There are mobile applications capable of scanning NRIC or work permits to your workers’ mark attendance at real time. This allows you to monitor the headcount at every location and to re-distribute resources quickly should there be any urgent request. Your employees on site can also take work-in-progress pictures with these apps, which will automatically send the photos to you for review. Some of these apps even have a built-in payroll system to help companies compute salaries and monitor labour costs on project basis.

PayAdvisor Mobile Version 3 from Capps Solutions Pte Ltd
V3nity Workforce Assignment & Mobility Version 3 from V3 Teletech Pte Ltd

3. Multiply your selling points

Having only one Point-of-Sale (PoS) in your food outlet keeps customers waiting and limits the number of sale transactions you can make. With the right software and a few tablets, customers can check out items on their own, and you could even analyse customer’s preferences and cross-sell other products to increase sales. In addition, such software can help you better manage operations by allowing restaurant servers to take orders and deliver them to your kitchen instantaneously. By tracking what sells and sending you reminders to re-stock when ingredients run low, you’ll have a better handle on your inventory too!

Revel Systems Version 2 from Revel Systems Holdings Pte Ltd
eMenu Version 2 and eWaiter Version 2 from Tabsquare Pte Ltd

4. Improve last mile delivery

An efficient route holds the key to a successful delivery business. You can now make use of fleet management software to plan faster journeys, saving you time, fuel, and manpower. These tools will also help you fully utilise your fleet, minimising your investments in vehicles. When coupled with GPS and video surveillance, such systems can even analyse the captured data to pre-empt road conditions and parking problems. This way you can provide accurate delivery timings, a feature your time-starved customers are sure to enjoy.

Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System Version 7 from Smartcomm Electronics Pte Ltd
TRACKSYNQ (V2) from Quantum Inventions Pte Ltd

5. Automate Paper Work

The core service of providing good healthcare not only depends on clinical skills but also good administrative support. Today, there are digital solutions to help your clinic better schedule appointments and improve the queueing system. These solutions also enhance patients’ experience by identifying available government subsidies for every patient, and manage application submissions. This way, your clinic assistants can spend less time sorting out medical records and inventory, and focus on providing quality healthcare instead.

Clinic Assist from Assurance Technology Pte Ltd
Specialty Electronic Medical Record Version 2 from Medisys Innovation Pte Ltd

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