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#SMETowKay: Kopi Roti Dishes Out More After Going Digital

Long queue lines are a good problem to have. Find out how Kopi Roti Holdings copes with its long line of customers by using a digital solution that reduces waiting time and improves customer experience.

Affordable local delicacies are always a hit with Singaporeans. It is little wonder then that Kopi Roti Holdings’ outlet at The Central in Clarke Quay never fails to draw long snaking queues of time-pressed lunch crowds.

While the sight is a sure sign of popularity, it could also lead to lost revenue with some consumers choosing to walk away because of the wait, explains Mr Steven Manimaran, director of Kopi Roti Holdings. The key issue the company wanted to address was the bottleneck at the point of ordering. To make it easy for customers and staff, the solution Kopi Roti Holdings used was , a digital self-ordering system offered under IMDA’s SMEs Go Digital Programme.

allows customers to place their orders and make payment directly from their mobile phones or devices such as tablets provided in-store instead of queuing at the ordering point. To begin this self-service process at a Kopi Roti Holdings outlet, customers can simply scan a QR code on the tablets located at every table. This identifies their table numbers and they can then proceed to place their orders directly through the digital self-ordering system.

Beyond catering to customers that dine in, also helps to enable Kopi Roti Holdings’ pick-up and delivery system. Customers can now order through the store’s website and choose to either pick up their items or have them delivered. An SMS will be sent to customers when their food is ready for collection.

In addition, comprises a customer loyalty feature. The system registers customers as members of Kopi Roti Holdings when they order their food. During the payment process, customers are given rewards that can be redeemed at their next order.

Following the implementation of , Kopi Roti Holdings has seen its sales rise by 15% to 20%, reveals Mr Manimaran.

“Like other SMEs in the F&B sector, we struggled with manpower and productivity issues, and have been managing it with our limited resources and means. The self-ordering system gave us a different perspective on how we can use technology to resolve our challenges,” he says. “It also gave us the confidence to embark on digital transformation.”

empowers us to effortlessly retain all our customers and automatically drive repeat sales across our stores, takeaway and delivery channels by converting every customer into a member and incentivising them to come back for their next meal,” Mr Manimaran adds.

The solutions offered under IMDA’s have been specifically curated to allow for quick and fuss-free implementation. These solutions have been assessed by to be market-tested and cost-effective, supported by reliable vendors. SMEs who embrace these solutions can also get funding support.

In ’ instance, it only had to provide the vendor Getz Group with the store’s menu, photos of its dishes and other basic information to set up . The vendor provided training and the system was up and running within a month after had signed up with them. Kopi Roti Holdings also has access to the system to make changes to their menu when necessary.

Beyond improving the store’s bottom line, the system has also made a positive impact on the mindsets of Kopi Roti Holdings’ staff towards the use of technology. Says Mr Manimaran: “Our staff had always been apprehensive towards technological changes in the past. However, after implementing Getzpass, they are no longer fearful and can embrace technology to assist them with their workload.”


The helps to make going digital simple for SMEs. Under the programme, SMEs are able to gain access to a number of pre-approved solutions to take their businesses to the next level using digital technologies. There are technology packages for a range of industries, including healthcare, food and beverage, manufacturing, construction and logistics. SMEs can receive funding support when adopting eligible pre-approved solutions. Interested to know more? Visit . #SMEsGoDigital

For more information on pre-approved solutions supported under the Productivity Solutions Grant, visit at SME Portal.

Many of our SME Towkays have embraced and benefitted from technology adoption, read to find out more or follow us on , and for latest updates.



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