SGPay would like to announce the following for the month of June 2018 & Beyond:

(1) We have secured & signed on for a listing on an exchange that ranks in the top 100 biggest in terms of volume

(2) Factors that have been considered in equal terms of priority are cost effectiveness, exchange initiatives, reputation and volume of trades

(3) Community Feedback has also been taken into account with regards to the exchange, and balanced with the capital we have raised and the allocation we have set aside for the project to work in the long term

(4) The team & community will be prioritising promoting liquidity, stability & growth once we hit our first exchange

(5) The name of the exchange will be revealed closer to the listing date scheduled in July. We do not encourage speculation on which exchange it is but we advocate keeping expectations grounded

(6) The team is well aware of the current tough macro conditions in the cryptocurrency market, and will support the listing in as many ways as we can possible

(7) This will take the form of several initiatives including trading competitions

(8) The company will be conducting token buy-backs once we are on the exchange where it is prudent & profitable in the mid-long term to do so

(9) We have a few other announcements and initiatives where the community can contribute that will be happening in stages in July and in August, so stay tuned!

(10) Our official updated target road-map can be found in our Telegram group, so hop on over to our small friendly community at

About SGPay
SGPay is an up-and-coming payment solutions start-up that aims to make transacting cryptocurrency as easily available as e-payments currently are in the Asia-Pacific Region. SGPay will enable a broad cross section of consumers and to ride a concurrent cryptocurrency and e-payments wave in the region. The platform will have e-payment, QR code payment, and integrated services functionality.

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