sadness, pain, confusion, hate, these feelings consume me regularly. trilogy captures these feelings and tells a story, more specifically, my story, from the very beginning of the heartbreak. i’m on a journey to seek happiness and to put an end to my deterioration. for that, i must begin a revolution and undergo complete reformation.

welcome to trilogy…
three chapters,
three stories,
and three different sides of me.

Over the past five months, I have been writing continuously. Usually, I take breaks from writing due to anxieties and writer’s block. However, recently, I have gone through a very tough time with friendships and relationships. In the past, I never saw myself writing about breakups or losing close friends. I saw myself writing about social issues. I saw myself sharing stories about life itself, but never my life. Until now. I’ve felt lost, alone, sad, angry, basically all of the emotions one could feel. This is the exact reason I began writing a new collection.

Fragments was the most personal, raw, and relatable collection I have ever written. I shared so much emotion in the poems, but there was more to the story. This is where Trilogy was born.

In each chapter of Trilogy, there are ten emotional poems. The first chapter, Deterioration, is all about heartbreak, betrayal, and depression. I never thought I was going to have the ability to love again. Or get close to another individual. Ever. Deterioration is the perfect representation of the way I felt. I was broken into fragments, but I was slowly deteriorating to a point of no return. Until I decided to make a change. This is where the second chapter, Revolution begins. Change and growth are inevitable in life. To learn to accept them, is to move on. So that’s what I am attempting to do in Revolution. But along with moving on comes anger, passion, fear, and even danger. I am getting better, but it’s difficult. This is where the third and final chapter begins. Reformation. A completely new, positive, happier, healthier version of myself reaches the surface. Not as afraid to find love again.

I was asked why the hell I wanted to write about a breakup story. But it’s not just a breakup. It’s the pain, the recovery, it’s the process of getting through it. It’s also about toxic friendships and all sorts of fucked up relationshups. I didn’t write it to get back at the ones who broke me. While there are some parts where I show my anger and my resent for these people, the point of the entire collection is to show readers that life does get better. The pain stops hurting as much. The feeling of brokenness fades away eventually. It’s not the end.

Trilogy has been the most difficult journey I've ever been on. The deterioration almost killed me, the revolution saved me, and my reformation has made me realize how special life is. How special love is. And how much toxic relationships and friendships can impact someone's life. This collection isn't just about love or heartbreak. It's also about recovery and healing. If you fight for yourself and push through, you'll make it out of the darkness. Don't let the obstacles of life tear you apart like I did. And if you do, just know that there's always hope and there is a road to recovery.