The world of Renewable Energies celebrates the arrival of Gravitational Renewable Energy

For more than 10 years a group of engineers together with the German inventor Dr. Wolfgang Weber Hill, have studied the behavior of the vacuum and how this element destroys the balance between gravity and atmospheric pressure.

Through the Company GigaThor S.A., a company founded in 2008 by Inventor Dr. Wolfgang Weber, has developed an engine capable of interfering with the balance maintained between atmospheric pressure and gravity by moving a car engine at 3 km / h. After this Dr. Wolfgang Weber has decided to begin further investigation of his new invention and the formula has resulted in the creation of an energy generation equipment that only works by being supplied with a continuous vacuum which is delivered by a pump. High precision vacuum.

Today the team of engineers of the company GigaThor S.A. has managed to transform an old combustion engine to an engine that generates energy only with the use of a vacuum flow.

Below is a photographic record of Dr. Wolfgang Weber’s advances in Chile and his SGV-G technology.