Demetrius A. Matthews | Minority CEO ShowcaseUnited Office Solutions, Inc. DBA ItemsRus is a online company based in the Twin Cities of MN. The founders of United Office Solutions, Inc. envisioned of creating a company that could compete independently at a national level in the business supply industry by providing business products, computer supplies, consumer electronics, fingerprint security systems, and solutions to government agencies and commercial industries at discounted prices.

Their knowledge and excellent purchasing skills allow their customers to have great cost savings. Businesses can expect an increase in efficiency and productivity. ItemsRus has these benefits to the following industries, including Government/Non-Profit Agencies, State Agencies, Corporate/Commercial Buyers, Education, and Small Business

Demetrius A. Matthews is a well known hobby dog breeder and shower. Demetrius has been creating a breeding brand Quanwill Bulldogs which has been creating a lot of buzz at competitions. These extraordinary breeds look like than been hand sculptured with there physic. Demetrius competes goes to breeding showcases often to showoff his beautifully breed K9’s.

About Quan Will Bulldogs

We are a hobby breeder of American Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs, and English Bulldogs. We strive to create the very best of the best. Our bully features are a wide chest, huge head, big ripped muscles that can move, breath, and function like a working bulldog.Our dogs are not aggressive, and are socialized to love other animals, kids, and their owners.

Click here to enjoy pictures & info on Quan Will Bulldogs bullies.

Giving Back To Community

Giving back to the community and those who need it most has also been one of Demetrius Passions. Over the years Demetrius has made that he does his part in helping inner city kids as a mentor and Coach. Demetrius A. Matthews help provide training and education in Chicago and Minneapolis inner city youth. Demetrius feels by providing computer training to at risk youth, youths are given knowledge that can be used to help them succeed in the present and job environments. Thats not just it, Demetrius is a strong contributor to providing resources & donations to those in poverty stricken areas, also providing food to help feed the homeless.

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Originally published at on July 27, 2016.

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