aNtHeM ViP DeMo [ReViEw] @anthemgame

I have to say, initially the Anthem demo was upsetting on many levels. The marketing geniuses at EA need to come correct and admit this wasn’t a demo, rather you’re a VIP *beta* tester. On Friday the servers were fried and no one could play. Finally by Saturday afternoon the servers were working but the actual game was broken on many levels — namely, many times the game would load til 95% and then wholly freeze so you’d have to close the game and go back to the dashboard.

Ignoring all of that — the few missions that I did play on easy difficulty, I liked. I liked the Storm subclass/javelin. I liked the potential for cool loot. It sucks you have to wait until the mission is over and you’re back in the social space to use the loot, but it is what it is. I think it’s a game where I’d want to play through it, get to max level, get all purple loot, and then stop. I’d be curious what end game they have planned. I’m also really anxious that the game will be a buggy mess even on official launch day. I think they’ll work through a lot of it, and the game has promise. One thing that annoys me though is you can’t trust any Youtuber on the subject of Anthem because they flew out all Destiny youtubers to capture video etc. so they’re no longer objective sources of info if their video starts with “I am an EA game changer.” In other words, this is basically a sponsored video so when the game launches full of bugs and server errors, I won’t have the sheer balls to call them out on it. We’ll see. It’s def. not as polished as Destiny. And the competition will be coming in full-hot with The Division 2. I just hope the game won’t be a totally bore, one month into the release. For now, I’m keeping my preorder and will def. want to dive fully into the game. Don’t let me down, EA!