Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit First Impressions Review

So this below issue will be fixed in Tuesday’s full release:

But again it pains me that we have an awesome mode or event and it’s missing one bell/whistle. ADD SOLO QUEUES!

It reminds me of the frustration of having Nightfall strikes without matchmaking or Escalation Protocol without a dedicated match-made entry for solo players.

Solo players constantly get the shaft in Destiny games and it probably won’t be addressed til like Destiny year 6 or something. I know as a Bungie employee that’s not a problem — having fans of the game want to tag along with you, but I really don’t want to have to pick up my iPhone to friend co-combatants every time I want to play a PS4 game. That’s ass-backwards. Anyway overall Gambit is great and will probably create some clones out there in the gaming world. So kudos Bungie!

See ya Tues. for the full release.


This changes a lot. I figured the 4-man clan teams were burning down the boss cause they were coordinated etc. Apparently to burn down the Primeval, you have to kill their envoys first. That’s what those 4 man teams I was complaining about were doing. Once this becomes widespread knowledge this will change a lot and solo players may actually have a chance. This is great to know and now I’m even more stoked to jump back into Gambit!